How to Use Grip Force to Improve Your Golf Swing

By Jimmy Ballard

Once you understand the importance of the shoulders being level and the elbows pointing to the outside hip bones with limber arms, you can see how easy your hands just clap together; see how square they would fit.

How to Find the Correct Grip Force

If your shoulders were tilted, look how the palms of your hands would be, the right hand would be facing the sky, the back of the left hand facing up, there's no way that you can start without an angle. We don't want angles, because angles are why balls curve. If we can set everything square, and square it to the ball, then that's going to make the ball go straight, and that's what you're looking for.

Pressure Points

But no one can grip the club properly from a bad position; you must be in the right position to get your hands square on the club. From there, I want to talk a little about pressure points and understand that the club should lay right under the bottom joint of the index finger and right underneath the fatty pad of the left hand [below the pinky].

If you do that, then there will be a very short thumb, which is what we want on the club and that will create the inner force or centrifugal force in the golf swing. Throughout the swing I'll talk to you about the forces in the golf swing, inner force, outer force, centrifugal force. It's all obtained when we start with this grip which is the proper grip.

3 Steps for Proper Golf Grip

  • With the club here, if I opened my left hand, a person can take this club and pull it and they'd never pull it out of my hand because it creates a force.
  • The grip would be creating the inner and by them pulling they would be creating the outer. And that's exactly what happens when the right hand goes on.
  • I grip it underneath the lower pads of the two middle fingers and that creates the outer force.

Always feel in the golf swing a little bit of a pull from an inward force with the thumbs and forefingers on the left hand, and a little push from the outer force on the right hand and that's what lets the club square up every time.

You can't create an angle, because there would be all pull and no push, no outer force. I want the inner force and the outer force to be equal then the club can square up. I think this is absolutely essential in a good golf swing. Once you: 1) set up correctly; 2) get the proper grip, and 3) understand the forces, I can teach you connection and the simple part of the golf swing.

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