Effective Practice

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Effective Practice
Category: Practice
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Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | Effective Practice

I want to give you a tip on how to effectively practice. A lot of people come to the driving range to exercise and hit balls, but very few of them are really practicing, concentrating on what they are doing. You have to have a plan on how to get better and it starts with understanding your golf swing and what you are trying to fix. If you need some help with that you better see your local PGA Pro or watch all the tips on GolfSpan.com. When you are practicing, most people show up at the range and the first club out of their bag is their driver. That is not necessarily the best club to practice. It all depends on your golf swing, but I would always suggest starting off with a middle iron. A 5-iron or 6-iron is a good club to practice with because it is right in between in length and in loft. A 5-iron has a clubface that will still cause some curvature on the golf ball so you will be able to tell if you are slicing it or hooking it. The driver is a club to practice if you are having trouble driving the golf ball or if you are a pretty good golfer. A three wood is a great club to practice with because you will hit more good shots because it has a little more loft, and it is a little easier to control, and you will get some good feedback. So those are the clubs that I suggest working the most with. Short irons will tell you whether or not you are swinging the golf club on a good plane but they won’t really show you the curvature mistakes that you will see with the straighter faced golf clubs. In general I want to point out that every golfer tends to be better with their woods or better with their irons. Players that swing on a little flatter plane are better with the woods. Players that swing on a little more upright plane are better with the irons. So practice the ones that you have the most trouble with. Another point, when you are practicing if you have a steep golf swing, one that swings too up and down, and you need to flatten your swing out, practice with the ball up on a tee. It will help you to level your swing out more and get your golf swing more on the correct plane. If you have a golf swing that is too flat, practice with the ball down on the ground. It will help you to create the proper angle of approach down into the golf ball. Then you will be able to hit both the woods and the irons, not just one or the other. Good luck with your practice.

About the Instructor
Hank Haney
Hank Haney
Hank Haney Golf Ranch
2791 S. Stemmons Freeway
Lewisville, TX 75067
Tel: 972-315-5300

Hank Haney is the instructor to PGA Tour Pros Tiger Woods and Mark O'Meara. He is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #4 instructor in the world.


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Eric Engum Scored a Birdie at Hole 6 of River Islands Kodak, Tennessee

Thomas W Kwak Scored 42 at Madison Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Monte Rathbun Scored 107 at Karen Kjar Memorial Buffalo, Missouri

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