Swing Map: Learn the 3 Benefits of a Proper Golf Grip

By Denis Pugh

To understand your way around the swing map, it is important to understand the definitions that I use. There are two basics, three fundamentals, and one overall motion.

By understanding where you are at the swing map and the definitions you will be able to more easily work your way around to what is important to you.

Three Functions of the Basic Golf Grip

So let’s define first of all, the basic grip. What is the purpose of the grip? It has three main functions:

  • The first of which is very simple, to absorb the shock of impact.
  • The second function is you must put your hands on the club such a way that when you swing back you can use the wrist action correctly in the backswing and more importantly still through impact.
  • The third function of the grip is to assemble your hands on the club so that you can control the clubface in relation to the plane.

So with those three very important positions in the way in which you hold the club we can move on then to the next basic, the set up.

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