Learn the Proper Body Allignment for Your Golf Swing

By Tim Cusick

Keep Your Body Aligned for a Better Golf Shot

How your body reacts in the golf swing often times determines the shot that you hit.

  • For instance if you make a swing and your body hangs back and does not turn through, that would tend to make you hook the golf ball.
  • Conversely, if your body turns through to much and your right shoulder is out in front of your left you will have a tendency to miss to the right.
  • Ideally you would like you arms and the club to go through and your body go through with the same amount so that your upper body is right out over your left foot.
  • Remember, if your body hangs back the ball has a tendency to hook, if your body turns through too much your ball has a tendency to slice.

Let your arms and hands match up to your body and you will hit straighter and more consistent shots.

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