3 Tips to Avoid Hook Shots in Golf

By Tim Cusick

How to Fix a Golf Hook

When fixing a hook there are a couple of things that you can look for right away to straighten that shot out.

  • The first thing is that teaching 101 says that when someone is hooking the golf ball the first thing you look at is to make sure that they don't have too strong a grip. Making the grip more neutral may be just the thing to straighten out that hook.
  • The second thing is that you want to make sure the swing does not have too much arc. Too much circle. More circle allows your arms to release the club easier and you will have a tendency to cure the golf ball more. So there you would want to get the club to swing a little bit up more over your right shoulder and up over your left shoulder.
  • The third thing would be as you swing back and through the club tends to swing too much through and the body does not go through. As the club swings through get your lower body to turn through with the club. That will hold the face off just a little bit longer to straighten the shot out.

Those three tips will help take care of that dreaded shrimp that moves to the left.

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