Golf Tip: How to Store Golf Balls in the Winter

By Tim Cusick

Store Golf Balls at Room Temperature During Cold Weather

This is a tip for all you cold weather golfers. Where you golf balls are stored at night time makes a big difference in the distance you get on those golf balls the next day. For instance if your golf balls were sitting in your bag in your car over night and the temperature got below 30 two degrees and your golf balls for more than eight hours or stored in a bag room that was not at room temperature, those golf balls are going to go considerably less distance than they would than if you went and bought two sleeves of balls before you went to play the next day.

So the tip is if you expect cold weather that night store your clubs in room temperature, and more importantly store your balls in room temperature. Your golf balls are going to go farther and you are going to have an edge on your competition.

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