Golf Tip: Dividing the Green into Thirds

By Tim Cusick

Divide the Green Into Thirds to Choose the Best Club for Chipping

I am just far enough off the green where I can't putt, so I am going to have to chip. When I chip, as I tell my students, I have a set technique that I want them to use but I vary the club. What I will do is a lot of greens are upwards to 50 yards deep and I will have them divide the greens into thirds, front third, middle third, back third and I will have them use three clubs.

  • Use a short length and lofted club like a pitching for the front third
  • Use an 8-iron for the middle third
  • Use a 6-iron for the back third

Hit Closer to the Hole with This Golf Strategy

I am going to show you the technique and the distance with each shot. First with the pitching wedge. I am going to have my feet just slightly spread apart, my left foot pulled back and my feet turned just slightly to the left. I am going to stand closer to the golf ball, my hands are going to be forward and my weight is going to be forward. Then I am going to make a putting type motion with my shoulders, just outside my right leg to just outside my left leg. This is a pitching wedge. That is to the front third of the green. Now I am going to choose the 8-iron, same technique. That runs out a little bit farther. Now I am going to take the 6-iron. That runs out farther yet. So divide the green into thirds, choose the club accordingly, ball back, hands back, weight forward, putting motion and you will be successful with this shot.

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