How to Set Up for a Long Distance Putt in Golf

By Brent Franklin

Aim Your Putter For Better Golf Results

Hi, I am Brent Franklin with the Mike McGetrick Golf Academy here in Denver, Colorado. What I want to talk to you about in this tip is how to aim your putter or how to help roll the ball on the line that you choose. How many times do we step up to a 30 foot putt and we think we are lined up properly, we get up here, we are doing everything we can, we get up and we find out we missed the putt by three feet. Everything felt pretty good. We feel like we made a pretty good stroke but it is very difficult to line a ball up and to line the putter face up properly for most of us.

Find a Mid-Point Target for Your Putts

There are putter fitting methods that you can go through that will help you do that but one thing that I think will really help is that once you have a putt and you want to try your best to make it, after you have the line, find an intermediate point on your line, maybe a foot and a half from the ball, something that you can easily see and easily line up. If this putt is fairly straight or breaks a hair to the right, I am looking up here and I see a little patch of grass right here. If I take that patch and roll all the way to the hole that is going to put the ball just outside the left edge, where I think the putt is going to break. It is a lot easier to line a putt up to a shorter, intermediate target than it is a longer one. It is easier for your eyes.

Keep the Putter Face Square

Once again, I am stepping in here, I am lining up to this and then I am looking at the hole for a reference point for distance. My main focus is just really trying to set the putter face square and roll it over this point right here. Let's see how we do. That was not bad. If I hit it harder it had a chance to go in. always remember, it is easier to line things up to a shorter distance than it is from farther away. Don't let those 50 footers intimidate you by missing it six or eight feet right or left. Use an intermediate target, it will help you.

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