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Our instructional golf tips and videos will help you optimize your wrist positioning in every phase of your swing by providing practical advice, great tips, easy-to-follow instructions, and effective drills to help you improve. If it's golf body position improvement you seek with respect to your wrist, look no further than our list below of great golf articles and videos.

How to Hit the Perfect Bunker Shot Every Time
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Learn the basic techniques of hitting the standard bunker shot...

Swing Tip to Avoid Thin Golf Shots
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

A breakdown of the left wrist or arm causes a change in your swing radius and thin shots...

The Proper Way to Release Your Club (and Fix Your Slice)
Golf Tip Video by Gary Wiren

Hitch a ride to heaven so that you release your club properly and stop slicing...

Swing Map: Learn the 3 Benefits of a Proper Golf Grip
Golf Tip Video by Denis Pugh -

The grip, a Basic Part of the Swing Map, serves three purposes...

How to Hit a Medium-Height Golf Pitch Shot to an Elevated Green
Golf Tip Video by Sandy LaBauve

When you are faced with a pitch shot that you need to carry over trouble but still have room to let the ball roll play a medi...

2 Techinique Tricks to Get a Backspin on Chip Shots
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Lean the shaft of the club back at address to increase the clubface loft while maximizing its hitting area, then use a double...

Fix Your Golf Swing with Better Left Hand Grip
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Your naturally arms curve inwards, so you need to place the club in your left hand using this angle so that your clubface can...

Fix Your Left Hand Grip for a Better Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Katherine Marren

A common error with beginner golfers is to get your left hand grip too much underneath the club, engrain the correct left han...

Golf Tips for Long Greenside Bunker Shots
Golf Tip Video by Mike McGetrick

Unlike regular bunker shots, with the long bunker shot you are not trying to fly the ball to the hole you want it to roll, so...

How to Perfect the Ben Hogan Golf Waggle
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

A waggle is a great preparatory motion to get your wrists, elbows and fingers loose and ready to swing...

How Wrist Release Impacts the Power of Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

How the wrists release after impact have a tremendous result on your power and accuracy and is rarely discussed among teachin...

Learn the Proper Backswing Club Position
Golf Tip Video by Hank Haney

Ideally your left arm, wrist and clubface should be on the same plane at the top of the swing...

Low vs. High Golf Chip Shots
Golf Tip Video by Mike McGetrick

The differnece between a low and high chip trajectory is simply the clubface on the backswing, keep it hooded to hit it low, ...

Perfect Timing of the Wrist Hinge in Your Backswing
Golf Tip Video by Denis Pugh -

Allow the sweep of the club to naturally hinge your wrist for you during your backswing...

Pitch Like Phil Mickelson and Improve Your Golf Short Game
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

The secret to Phil Mickelson's wedge game is building resisance on the follow through, keep your hands in front of the clubfa...


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