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Our instructional golf tips and videos will help you optimize your wrist positioning in every phase of your swing by providing practical advice, great tips, easy-to-follow instructions, and effective drills to help you improve. If it's golf body position improvement you seek with respect to your wrist, look no further than our list below of great golf articles and videos.

Techniques for Hitting a Pitch-and-Run Golf Shot From Off the Green
Golf Tip Video by Sandy LaBauve

If you can’t putt from off the green keep the ball low by hitting a pitch and run...

Best Golf Grip Technique To Optimize Distance
Golf Tip Video by Debbie Doniger

Simply shifting your grip away from the palms and towards the finger tips will allow you to widen your swing naturally and hi...

Putt with the Opposing Hands Grip for Better Accuracy
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

This putting grip is mostly used with a straight back and straight through putting style and eliminates rotation in the follo...

Avoiding Casting on Your Downswing to Increase Swing Speed
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Casting, heaving and throwing your club on the downswing result in a tremendous loss of power because you release the club to...

Find the Three Bottoms of Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Learn to take a divot in front of the ball by finding the three bottoms of your swing, fat shots are caused by using too much...

Golf Drill to Improve the Top of your Backswing
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Advanced players who need some help with the top of their backswing or sequence should try this drill, take your club to the ...

Golf Tips for the Takeaway of your Swing
Golf Tip Video by Brent Franklin

On your takeaway, when your club is half way back the shaft should be parallel to the ground and the clubhead should be even ...

How to Chip Uphill in Golf
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

First take one longer club and then angle your shoulders to the slope of the hill so that you can sweep the club across the g...

Lean the Proper Chipping Stance in Golf
Golf Tip Video by Brent Franklin

Do not approach your chipping stance like a full swing stance, keep your feet close together, slightly open, weight on your f...

Learn how to Control Distance with Each of Your Golf Clubs
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Although you might not know it you have the ability to control the distance on each of your clubs, use the numbers game to fi...

Learn How to Decrease Tension in Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Tension is by far the biggest killer in the golf swing, gripping too tightly, standing in your set up too long, you need to k...

Learn the 4 Sources of Power in Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

There are four sources of power in your swing: the wrists, the arms, the pivot and your ability to syncronize and time the mo...

Learn the Proper Balanced Grip for your Golf Clubs
Golf Tip Video by Stan Sayers

Balance the grip in your fingers which will allow for the proper wrist hinge throughout the swing and more power...

Learn the Putt-Chip Golf Shot
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Using a chipping club with a putting set up will pop the ball up slightly and allow it to land and roll softly which is perfe...

Learning How to Hit a Standard Pitch Shot in Golf
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Get good at the standard pitch shot before you start getting complicated with your pitches, get your feet close together, clu...


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