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This is the area of the game known as golf trajectory, and development of your golf trajectory skills plays a vital role. Browse our list of golf trajectory instructional tips and videos, below, to improve every aspect of your golf course tactics.

Tips for Hitting a Low Stinger Golf Shot
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

When hitting into the wind or to a back pin having a low zinger shot like Tiger uses makes managing the golf course considera...

How to Pick the Right Club to Hit From Under a Tree
Golf Tip Video by Gary Wiren

When stuck behind a tree your primary objective is to pick the correct club in order to get in below the limbs and out of tro...

Golf Tips for Pitching from Tight Lies
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

This is an intimidating shot, but it can be managed easily by getting your weight far forward in your stance so that your ste...

Practice Golf Pitching with a 6-Iron
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Pitching with a 6-iron will give you more spin and control with your sand wedge; learn to bounce the ball off your clubface l...

Golf Tips for Hitting in Between Clubs
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Create perfect distance control on your short iron scoring shots by using a less lofted club with a shorter swing and less wr...

How to Hit Nine Basic Golf Ball Flights
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

To become an advanced player you must learn the nine ball flights and how to hit every one of them, so use this drill to beco...

How to Choose the Right Club to Hit out of Downhill Lies
Golf Tip Video by David Glenz

Club trajectory is severely affected on downhill shots. Take a more lofted club, adjust your weight and chase your swing down...

Fix Low Golf Shots with Correct Weight Distribution
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Use this shadow drill to get your weight behind the ball and hit higher shots...

Cure High Golf Shots With the Proper Stance
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Setting up with too much weight on your back foot keeps your hands back during the swing, resulting in high shots...

Chip or Pitch Over a Bunker? Golf Tips Around the Green
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Don't always pitch the ball when you have a bunker between you and the green, if the pin is in the back of the green it is al...

How to Adjust Your Golf Swing Angle for the Perfect Shot
Golf Tip Video by Tim Cusick

Many slicers have a tendency to come over the top and swing down and to the left, the next time you catch yourself doing this...

How to Have Fun Practicing at the Driving Range
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

If you find going to the practice tee boring then make it creative and fun, try manipulating your club lofts while aiming und...

How to Hit your Golf Ball Out of a Difficult Position
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

When you find yourself in trouble look around to find the different routes you can get out and pick the one that best fits yo...

How to Play Golf in the Wind
Golf Tip Video by Brent Franklin

The old saying, when it is breezy swing easy could not be more accurate, take a three quarters swing, easy swing and control ...

How to Play Golf in the Wind
Golf Tip Video by Tim Cusick

In strong winds make sure to take more club, play the ball back in your stance and shorten your swing from shoulder to should...


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