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The game of golf really begins before you reach the first tee, hit the first drive, or sink the first putt, making golf practice development a vital component of your regimen. Browse our list of golf & practice instructional tips and videos, below.

Waggle Before You Swing
Golf Tip Video by Bobby Cole

The waggle during the set up is a very important part of the swing because it keeps your muscles relaxed so that you can star...

Long Putt Distance Control
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Practice hitting long putts with just your trail hand in order to get a feel for the putter's flow and eliminate hip action i...

Alignment Practice Station
Golf Tip Video by Brent Franklin

Developing good golf habits is the best way to take your game from the range to the course and setting up a practice station ...

Club Selection From Rough
Golf Tip Video by Tim Cusick

When faced with a bad lie in the rough your first priority is getting out of the rough so select a club with enough loft and ...

Clubface Alignment
Golf Tip Video by Brent Franklin

Having your clubface continually aligned open or shut forces you to manipulate your swing, get into good habits by practicing...

Controlling Distance
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Although you might not know it you have the ability to control the distance on each of your clubs, use the numbers game to fi...

Creative Fun Practice
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

If you find going to the practice tee boring then make it creative and fun, try manipulating your club lofts while aiming und...

Directional Putting Drill
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Getting the right direction when putting requires that you have your head, your club, your eyes, your stroke and your intent ...

Downhill Lies
Golf Tip Video by Brent Franklin

Take a more lofted club because the hill will lower your shot trajectory, then move the ball back in your stance to where you...

Downswing Practice
Golf Tip Video by Stan Sayers

With a traffic cone behind you practice your downswing trying to keep the club inside the cone to simulate the correct approa...

Early Release Hip Stretch Cure
Golf Tip Video by Stan Sayers

Many players release incorrectly because they can not physically produce the internal rotation of the hip needed in the downs...

Golf Tip Video by Dr. Fran Pirozzolo

People who set records and have great careers have common traits that makes them experts in their field...

Finding The Grain
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

The grain of a green usually grows towards large bodies of water or the setting sun, use this little trick of scraping the gr...

Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Flexibility as you get older is very important, it lets you wind up your body to hit the ball with more power, and swinging a...

Getting Into and Out Of Shots
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

The most important part to being consistent is to get in and out of your golf shot the same way every time...


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