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The game of golf really begins before you reach the first tee, hit the first drive, or sink the first putt, making golf equipment development a vital component of your regimen. Browse our list of golf & equipment instructional tips and videos, below.

Irons vs. Metals
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Understanding your equipment is necessary for good golfers; hit down with irons to make the ball go up and hit up with metals...

The Parents' Role In Junior Golf
Golf Tip Video by Ed Ibarguen

Encourage your kids to play golf by taking them with you when you play and practice and consider getting them an instructor o...

How Golf Clubs Function
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Your club loft determines the height and distance of your shots, and the lie sets the sole of the clubhead flat on the ground...

Straight Back & Through Putting
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Straight back and straight through putting is very effective when putting inside fifteen feet and requires that you keep the ...

Using Equipment Technology Smartly
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Changes in club, ball, and shaft technology have increased distance, but it is still the player that must deliver the club to...

Utility Woods
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

One of the clubs everyone needs in his bag is a utility wood, which is a hybrid between an iron and fairway wood...

Early Wrist Cock for Juniors
Golf Tip Video by Ed Ibarguen

Adults do not realize that for young kids the club is heavy when parallel at the start of the backswing, so have them cock th...

Choosing Golf Equipment
Golf Tip Video by Jane Blalock

Learn how to choose the right golf clubs and balls for your level of play...

How to Find a Putter's Sweet Spot
Golf Tip Video by Katherine Marren

Hitting the sweet spot of your putter face is essential to being a great putter because the putter head will not twist or tur...

Proper Clubs For Kids
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Make sure your kids have equipment that is the proper size, for the same reason you wouldn’t buy them oversized skates to pla...

Golf Attire and Accessories
Golf Tip Video by Jane Blalock

Check golf course rules on attire before playing and bring a bag for accessories...

Aiming Lines On Putters
Golf Tip Video by Stan Sayers

The lines on the head of your putter effect your aim, no lines aims up right, a top line a little more left, a bottom line mo...

Club Fitting Benefits
Golf Tip Video by Stan Sayers

Every part of the club has an effect on your game and provides benefits to your game so it is important for you to go to a cl...

Club Fitting: Driver
Golf Tip Video by Stan Sayers

The head design and loft of your driver need to fit your game, offset or non-offset effect the direction of the ball while lo...

Club Fitting: Lie Angle
Golf Tip Video by Stan Sayers

The angle your clubs lie on the ground will have a tremendous effect on your swing if it is incorrect, a one degree upright c...


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