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Improve every aspect of your impact with our swing breakdown instructional golf tips and videos. If it's golf swing breakdown improvement you seek with respect to your impact, look no further than our list below of great golf articles and videos.

Become a Better Putter with Consistent Contact
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Missing the center of the putter face causes the ball to go off line and short; practice hitting putts with two matchsticks a...

Correct Posture to Avoid Fat Golf Shots
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Maintaining a constant posture will stop your body from moving into the ball on the downswing...

How to Hit the Sweet Spot on the Golf Club
Golf Tip Video by Debbie Doniger

DEBORAH DONIGER demonstrates how placing tape or spray on the club face can help you monitor whether it is square at impact...

The Correct Grip Strength to Square the Clubface Consistently
Golf Tip Video by Denis Pugh -

A neutral grip allows you to return the club face squarely to the ball...

One-Arm Chipping Drill for Junior Golfers
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

For juniors who are progressing in golf, try this one-armed chipping drill to learn club control and turn a good chipper into...

Learn the 8 Steps in a Correct Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Break down the correct golf swing into 8 easy steps...

Chipping Control Depends on Where You Impact the Golf Ball
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Understanding where you impact the golf ball as opposed to where your club bottoms out and impacts the ground on chip shots i...

Drill to Create More Lag in Your Golf Shot
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Lag is the part of the swing that has the hands leading the swing into impact to develop greater power and control in the swi...

How to Hit Nine Basic Golf Ball Flights
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

To become an advanced player you must learn the nine ball flights and how to hit every one of them, so use this drill to beco...

How to Control Your Golf Ball Trajectory
Golf Tip Video by Jack Lumpkin

The ball does not do anything the club does not tell it to; therefore, you must learn to control the clubface...

Tips to Avoid Heel Shots in Golf
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Maintain a constant posture throughout the entire swing so that your body does not move towards the ball during the swing and...

Ball Position Drill to Stop Hitting Thin Golf Shots
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Move your ball position forwards and backwards and see where your divot is in relation to the ball position...

Drill for Gaining Stability in Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

The greatest players are those that are most stable over the ball allowing for repeatable swings; practice this by simply sta...

How to Transition to Your Downswing with Ease
Golf Tip Video by Mike McGetrick

Many golfers start the forward swing with a violent motion rather than a gradual acceleration of the clubhead through to impa...

Torso Drill to Increase Power in Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Put a plastic ball between your knees in order to take your backswing with your torso rotating more than your hips, disassoci...


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