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Learning great high shots techniques will allow you to steer the ball around the course like a pro. Learn the best methods of working the ball with our high shots instructional tips and videos, below.

Par Three Strategy
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

When playing a par three bring the club you think you should hit and then one club on either side of it, then walk off the e...

Parallel Club Drill
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Swing two clubs parallel to each other back and forth trying to keep the clubs from clanging together, this works your timing...

Pine Needle Lies
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Play a shot on pine needles two ways depending on where the flag is, if you have room to roll it play it like a chip but if t...

Playing From Rough And Trees
Golf Tip Video by Tim Cusick

Hitting from a bad lie in rough and trees offers the possibility of a tough saving shot or a safety play, your main goal shou...

Playing In The Wind
Golf Tip Video by Tim Cusick

In strong winds make sure to take more club, play the ball back in your stance and shorten your swing from shoulder to should...

Playing In Wind
Golf Tip Video by Brent Franklin

The old saying, when it is breezy swing easy could not be more accurate, take a three quarters swing, easy swing and control ...

Preparing For Your Lesson
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Taking a lesson is more than just showing up, you have to learn to communicate in golf terminology with your instructor and b...

Putting Distance Control Drill
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Practice controlling the distance of your putts by putting tees around the hole and taking putts trying to stop them all insi...

Putting Duration
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

The duration of the putt is how long it takes to go a certain distance, this is a skill that very few golfers ever work on an...

Putting Eye Line And Aim
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

When you set up to putt pay attention to what your head and eyes do when they check the target, players who line their putts ...

Putting With An Arc Stroke
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Although many players believe that you can either putt on an arc or straight back and through, the putter shaft is attached t...

Reading Greens
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Start reading a green as you approach it walking or riding up, read the slope from the low point of the green paying particul...

Re-Align Your Swing Plane
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

Our swing plane is just like a circle that moves from horizontal to vertical but we must keep that circle on the same plane t...

Reshape Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott

The easiest way to reshape your golf swing is by using a pole, stick it in the ground and make sure that your swing goes up a...

Run Shot Versus Lob Shot
Golf Tip Video by Tim Cusick

Chipping from off the green is probably an easier shot than pitching but you must play to your strengths and at least practic...


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