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Improve every aspect of your downswing with our swing breakdown instructional golf tips and videos. If it's golf swing breakdown improvement you seek with respect to your downswing, look no further than our list below of great golf articles and videos.

Cure For Hook Shots: Later Release
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Practice the Punch Drill to cure an early clubhead release...

Downswing: Left Side
Golf Tip Video by Jimmy Ballard

Focus on the role of the left side at the completion of the backswing and start of the downswing...

Teaching Juniors the Swing Motion
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Juniors can imitate what you are doing at any age, so teach them the four basic swing positions this very simple way...

Thin and Topped Shots
Golf Tip Video by Hank Haney

Thin/Topped shots are not caused by picking your head up but rather lifting your entire body, concentrate on keeping the same...

Popping Up Drives
Golf Tip Video by John Webster

Keep your head and upper body behind the ball and line your driver up about six inches behind the ball to promote and ascendi...

Release Past the Ball
Golf Tip Video by Glen Farnsworth

To release the club past the ball and through to a good finish practice this Close The Gap Drill with your right shoulder and...

Practice For Beginners
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

The first thing every beginner or junior should do when practicing is putt a bucket of balls to help establish solid contact ...

Cure For Slice Shots: Early Release
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Use this Tee to Re-Tee drill to create an earlier clubhead release...

Release For Straight Ball Flight
Golf Tip Video by Gary Wiren

Hitch a ride to heaven so that you release your club properly and stop slicing...

Logo Drill for Right-Side Mishits
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

This practice tip will help you from sliding or moving ahead of the golf ball preventing blocked shots and slices...

Golf Tip Video by Ed Ibarguen

You need to maintain your balance throughout your entire swing sequence, this requires the torso and arms moving together all...

Cure For Thin Shots: Swaying
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Put your feet together and hit balls off a tee to eliminate sway in your swing...

Fat Shot Cures
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

There are three main reasons for the fat shot which cause you to impact the ground behind the ball resulting in poor impact a...

Lee Trevino's Consistent Swing
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Although an unconventional swing, emulating Lee Trevino's swing by focusing on his right side and the way he came down and st...

Push and Pull Shots
Golf Tip Video by Hank Haney

If your divot is pointing straight and your ball is going right or left then your shots are off target because your clubface ...


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