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This is the area of the game known as golf course strategy, and development of your golf course strategy skills plays a vital role. Browse our list of golf course strategy instructional tips and videos, below, to improve every aspect of your golf course tactics.

How to Choose the Right Club to Get out of the Rough Every Time
Golf Tip Video by David Glenz

Remember to keep it simple and be conservative in the rough, if there is a lot of grass between the ball and the club then us...

Simple Ways to Improve Your Course Strategy
Golf Tip Video by Jack Lumpkin

Controlling the course stems from controlling the ball, club, body and mind...

Why Visualization is so Important in Golf
Golf Tip Video by Dr. Fran Pirozzolo

Let the mind envision what it wants the body to do...

Tips for Golfing in the Wind (Without Losing Your Patience)
Golf Tip Video by Paul Marchand

Playing in the wind is an essential part of golf, adjust your attitude and use these tips to enjoy creating the shot...

Where to Tee Up in the Tee Box to Lower Your Score
Golf Tip Video by Hank Haney

Tee it up on the same side as the trouble...

How Equipment Technology Can Improve Your Golf Game
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Changes in club, ball, and shaft technology have increased distance, but it is still the player that must deliver the club to...

How to Hit a Hook Shot Around a Tree
Golf Tip Video by Hank Haney

Play the ball back, aim right, close your clubface and swing inside out...

Renowned Instructor Hank Haney's Philosophy on Teaching Golf
Golf Tip Video by Hank Haney

Find out Hank Haney`s philosophy of teaching golf by analyzing your ball flight...

How to Develop a Strategy to Play Tough Pin Positions
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

On difficult greens create a red light, yellow light and green light section and play your shot according to the risk involve...

Improve Swing Mechanics by Taking a Moment Before Approach
Golf Tip Video by Dr. Richard Coop

Create a workshop away from the ball where all your thinking is done...

Mindset Trick to Avoid Hazards on the Golf Course
Golf Tip Video by Dr. Richard Coop

Create an imaginary wall from the tee to the middle of the fairway to cover the side where the trouble lies...

Two Ways to Practice Your Golf Short Game
Golf Tip Video by Sandy LaBauve

There are two ways to practice the short game. First are how-to shots, where you learn how to control trajectory through set ...

Difficult Golf Shots: How to Hit a Buried Uphill Bunker Shot
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Close the clubface and let the toe of the club dig into the sand, the ball go in the direction of the sand not the clubface...

One-Plane or Two-Plane Golf Swing: Which is Best for You?
Golf Tip Video by Sandy LaBauve

We should all strive for the lowest maintenance swing possible. The one plane swing is excellent in this regard because there...

How to Adjust Your Stance to Hit Sidehill Lies
Golf Tip Video by Paul Marchand

When the ball is below your feet adjust for the change in your arc and shift in your weight...


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