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Our instructional golf tips and videos will help you optimize your arms positioning in every phase of your swing by providing practical advice, great tips, easy-to-follow instructions, and effective drills to help you improve. If it's golf body position improvement you seek with respect to your arms, look no further than our list below of great golf articles and videos.

The Correct Arm Position for the Perfect One Plane Backswing
Golf Tip Video by Mike LaBauve

Make sure to keep your right elbow behind your body during the backswing so that the left arm can continue to cross your ches...

Tips to Increase Distance in Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

75% of your distance comes from your wrist hinge and swing plane, so try hitting drivers from your knees to practice this the...

The Correct Way to Unhinge Your Wrists for a More Powerful Downswing
Golf Tip Video by Denis Pugh -

Learn a simple exercise to correctly unhinge your wrist during your downswing...

How to Pick the Right Club for a Bunker Shot Out of a Big Sand Trap
Golf Tip Video by Denis Pugh -

If you have a big trap with not much lip then taking a fairway wood from a fairway bunker is possible, just grip down on the ...

Drill to Create More Lag in Your Golf Shot
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Lag is the part of the swing that has the hands leading the swing into impact to develop greater power and control in the swi...

Golf Tips for Hitting in Between Clubs
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Create perfect distance control on your short iron scoring shots by using a less lofted club with a shorter swing and less wr...

How to Master Your Backswing Shoulder Turn in Any Style of Swing
Golf Tip Video by Sandy LaBauve

In a two plane swing the shoulders turn more level to the ground. With the one plane swing the arms swinging across the body ...

How to Get the Correct Arm Position For Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by David Glenz

Keep the right arm extended, left wrist bent, left arm folded and hands in front of the center of the body...

Jimmy McLean Teaches His X-Factor Golf Swing to Create Power in Your Coil
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

To create power in your coil you must have a shoulder turn that is greater than your hip turn, thus creating tension that can...

How to Hit a High Spinning Shot From the Bunker
Golf Tip Video by Jane Blalock

Take the club back on a steeper plane and fold your left arm in as you swing...

The Correct Grip to Fix Your Slice
Golf Tip Video by Mike LaBauve

Your hands naturally hang inwards when at your side so grip the club with the thumb of your left hand to the right of the sha...

How to Fix Golf Heel Shots
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Catching he heel of the club, near the hozzle, results from an inside out swing where the clubface at impact has moved away f...

Headcover Drill Improves Your Golf Backswing
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Advanced player looking to add more width on their backswing and improve their left arm position should try this neat little ...

One-Plane vs. Two-Plane Golf Swing: What's the Difference?
Golf Tip Video by Sandy LaBauve

In the one plane swing you bend more from the hips, your arms are hanging down and swinging around your chest and your finish...

How Positioning Arms Affects Your Putt
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Positioning your arms on the putter correctly will allow you to arc your putting stroke correctly so follow these simple step...


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