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Learning how to get the best alignment as part of your stroke will help make you a better golfer. Browse our list of golf alignment instructional tips and videos, below, to improve every aspect of your golf swing elements.

How to Have Good Balance in Your Golf Swing
Golf Tip Video by Denis Pugh -

Learn the basics to correct set up and posture to provide you with good balance during your swing...

Swing Map: How to do a Proper Set Up
Golf Tip Video by Denis Pugh -

Set up, a Basic Part of the Swing Map, affects your entire swing...

Use a Putting Clock Strategy to Read Greens
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Imagine what hour the ball would have to go into the hole if there was a clock covering it, and then draw an arcing line back...

Pre-Shot Routine for Junior Golfers
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Is it important for a junior to have a pre-shot routine to hit good shots, so teach him one like this...

How to Line Up Putter Head for Better Golf Success
Golf Tip Video by Laird Small

Draw a line on your ball so you can set the ball down with the line pointing at the hole or lined up with your putter head...

How to Improve Your Golf Alignment to Hit on the Target Line (Every Time)
Golf Tip Video by Steven Bann

Align your body to allow the club to travel towards the target line...

How to Fix Your Slice by Improving Clubhead Impact at Address
Golf Tip Video by David Glenz

Use this drill to get your clubface traveling in a more direct line at impact and rotate your arms...

Learn the Best Pre-Shot Routine
Golf Tip Video by John Elliott, Jr.

A good pre-swing routine allows you to check your set up, alignment and aim while signaling the body to start an athletic gol...

Putting Drill to Improve Distance and Speed
Golf Tip Video by David Glenz

Control the direction of your putt before you hit it and control distance by using this simple drill...

How to Align Your Golf Stance for Straighter Shots
Golf Tip Video by Ed Ibarguen

Many slicers hit the ball to the right simply because they are lined up to the right, when they go to hit the ball their mind...

How to Position Your Head and Eyes When Putting
Golf Tip Video by Jim McLean

Most great putters have their head and eyes set up slightly inside the ball, never on the outside, this allows more of an arc...

Junior Golfer Tips for Developing a Complete Putting Stroke
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Combine the distance and direction lessons with consistent routine to develop a complete putting stroke...

Alignment Drill to Correct a Push Shot in Golf
Golf Tip Video by Chuck Cook

Push shots are sometimes caused by aiming in the wrong direction, learn to align yourself properly with this Two Clubs drill...

Easy Setup Routine for Junior Golfers
Golf Tip Video by Ty Andersen

Juniors should always be working on the proper setup, with their feet below their shoulders and club flat on the ground...

How to Hit an Intentional Slice Around a Tree
Golf Tip Video by Hank Haney

Open your clubface, aim left and swing outside in...


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