Improve your Stroke with The Sight Ball


A new product is on the market to help work on fundamentals: the Sight Ball. It’s something that is often overlooked, but focusing on the wrong part of the ball can lead to many swing problems. Often amateur golfers allow their eyes to wander or dart around the ball rather than focus on a single spot like professionals do. From slices to hooks, the sight ball will help golfers maintain focus that can translate onto the course.

photo courtesy Golf Training Aids

The way the Sight Ball works is simple: it has a series of 6 targets that are evenly spaced around the ball. First, align the fron sights with your target area. Next, set your stance and keep your eyes locked on the target on the top of the ball. After spending some time with the sight ball, you will notice that your eyes will naturally drift to the center of the ball and stay there as they should. The Sight Ball is available in packages of 3, 6 and 36 from their website. 



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