Titleist Players & Hybrid Stand Bags Review

You need quick to access your tees, water bottle and jacket easily and without losing time that you could be spending golfing instead.

TaylorMade SIM2, SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max D Drivers Review

The much-anticipated TaylorMade SIM2 drivers bring the clubhead speed of the previous SIM drivers with added forgiveness. The SIM2 drivers come in three models, the SIM2, SIM2 Max and SIM Max D.

Types of Hole in One Memorabilia

Hole in one memorabilia can be anything from an autographed photo of a professional golfer making the winning putt to the golf ball that the golfer themselves used to score in their local tournament. Some hole in one memorabilia have nothing to d...

History of the U.S. Open Trophy 

One of the 4 most prized trophies in golf, the U.S. Open Trophy is awarded to the winner of this major championship each year.

What is Chippo Golf?

This combination of chipping and cornhole is an increasingly popular golf gift - and lots of fun!

V1 Golf App Review

The V1 Golf App is part of a new wave of smart phone apps designed to give golfers a competitive edge and improve their game. Developed by V1 Sports, a company known for creating digital coaching systems, the V1 Golf App is specifically designed ...

The Top 5 Best Gas Golf Carts

More and more often these days, you will see golf carts not just on the golf course but on side roads and even main streets. Golf carts are an indispensable part of a golf course since they allow golfers to play faster and thus enable more player...

How to Make an Indoor Putting Green

A sound putting game is the best way to quickly shave strokes off your game. The more time you can spend putting a ball, the more natural and consistent your putting stroke will become as you build up muscle memory. Consistency in your stroke is ...

How to Take Care of Your Putter

The relationship between golf players and their putters can be fickle or relentlessly committed. Your putter always has a place in your bag...until it doesn't. When you find one that improves your game, you should keep it in top condition and tha...

How to Buy a Golf Simulator

A golf simulator is a device that golfers can use for fun or use to work on their game. A simulator typically includes a screen and some kind of electronic swing analyzer to determine the distance and trajectory of the ball each time you strike i...

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