How to Clean Golf Club Grips

Maintaining your clubs and keeping them in top condition is important. Keeping your grips clean is not difficult, as long as you do it regularly and don't let the grime and gunk build up.

Golfer removes golf grip at home

How to Regrip Golf Clubs Yourself (With Ease)

Regripping your own golf clubs is the golfer’s equivalent of changing your own oil. It’s as much about the care and pride you put into your equipment as it is the cost-saving benefits. Once you know how to do it, regripping your own clubs is a straightforward and enjoyable process.

Golf Gift Ideas for Dad

Someone does not need to have an extensive knowledge of golf to be able to present their dad with a great gift that is associated with the sport, nor do they need to have incredibly deep pockets. Golf gifts can be as simple as golf shirts or head covers for clubs, but they can also be as complicated as a GPS unit that tells a golfer how far it is from their ball to the hole. Re...

How to Choose a Golf Club Iron Cover

You have invested in a fine set of irons and would like to protect the clubheads from damage with a set of iron covers. What type should you choose?

How To Choose A Golf Ball

Many golfers do a lot of research before they buy a new set of clubs, because they are looking for ways to play a better game of golf. Then they head to the store to buy the cheapest golf ball they can find. What they do not realize is that the right golf ball can make a greater difference in their scores than the most expensive clubs.

Golf Bag Etiquette

Carrying a golf bag around an 18-hole golf course is a tough job. Some courses are 7,000 yards or longer and the job gets even tougher in a hilly environment. As a result, golfers who carry their own bags or caddies who carry bags for golfers want to take shortcuts whenever they can. You may be carrying a bag around the golf course and it may weigh 20 pounds or more, but you do...

How to Pick a Hybrid Golf Club

Almost nothing changed in golf equipment for years until in the late 1990s when the first hybrid golf clubs became popular, first in Europe then in the United States. Overnight, it seems, every golfer had at least one in his bag. The allure of hybrid clubs is that even weekend golfers could finally reach a long par three or make a good approach shot on a long par four without h...

Smart Shopping For Golf Balls

Shopping for golf balls can be an overwhelming experience, with so many brands and models from which to choose. Nevertheless, it can also be a fun and rewarding experience that might improve your golf game, as long you follow a few simple guidelines.

How to Create Your Own Backyard Putting Green

More strokes are taken with the putter than any other single club. Practicing right outside your door will help you post some low numbers.

Golf equipment and accessories

What Golf Bag Accessories Are a Must-Have for a Winner?

There’s an art to perfectly accessorizing your golf bag. You don’t want to be sifting through an endless collection of junk just to find a buried ball marker. You also don’t want to get exposed to unfavorable elements if you pack too light. To help you strike that perfect balance, we’ve assembled this list of the must-have golf bag accessories, and which ones you can leave at h...

How to Build Backyard Golf Putting Greens

Thinking about installing a putting green in your backyard? This is a time-consuming task that will benefit from making specific plans before you start building. Using artificial turf, you can create a backyard putting green that needs little maintenance once you install it.

Two golfers carrying golf bags

Finding the Right Golf Bag for Your Game

Shopping for a golf bag can feel like a monumental task. Unless you change your golf bag as often as you change your shoes, this investment is going to be something that stays with you a while. You want to make sure you’re purchasing the best golf bag for your needs. There are so many factors to consider, like weight, club well, pockets, color, and many others. To help you make...

Golf Cart Laws

One of the most enjoyable things about playing golf is riding in the golf cart. While it may take away some of the exercise value of playing, riding or driving a cart on a particularly hot day is a great advantage as well as fun. While you can cut time off your round by driving swiftly around the course, there are rules and laws that all drivers must follow to ensure safety on ...

Golf Range Finders Comparison

Not since the solid-core ball was introduced has the game of golf changed as much as it has with the introduction of the range finder, or GPS. Most players do not have the luxury of a caddy to tell them the exact yardage of each shot; but now--for a meager investment--they can buy a range finder that, in many ways, is much more accurate. Now they can concentrate on their next s...

How to Hit Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid clubs are one of the greatest innovations in the game in the last 20 years. Many golfers find it difficult to hit long irons from the fairway, so golf club manufacturers came up with the idea of hybrid clubs that combine the best attributes of woods and irons and are relatively easy to swing.

How Does the Number of Dimples Affect a Golf Ball?

Early golf balls, such as the "featherie" and the "gutta percha," were made to be as smooth as possible in the belief that this reduced friction and drag and made the ball fly further.As the game developed, it was discovered that this was not, in fact, true. A scuffed, rough ball surface actually led to better performance than a smooth one. This led to dimples being put into a ...

The Best Golf Clubs for Me

There are many variables for a golfer to consider when he is about to purchase a set of clubs. Price is a factor that always comes into play. A golfer can easily spend well over $2,000 for a set of golf clubs, but he can also a find a set for less than $400 if he shops carefully. However, price should not be the primary factor. You have to know how you play. If you are a big hi...

Information on the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

The Titleist Pro V1 is one of the most popular golf balls in the world. It is widely used by both top pros and weekend warriors alike.

What Is the HP2 Titleist Golf Ball?

The HP2 Titleist is one of the top-rated golf balls available for distance. Its construction is probably best suited for low-handicap and experienced golfers who can get the most out of the ball. While it will get more distance than most golf balls, this can depend on the weather conditions.

How to Mark a Titleist Golf Ball

Titleist manufactures by far the most popular line of balls in golf. They make balls for professionals, good amateurs and recreational players of all types. A recent national advertising campaign has capitalized on the fact that professionals mark their balls in unique ways. This is so they can identify their balls if needed. Obviously, there are many ways to mark a Titleist, l...

What Is the Flex Point in a Golf Shaft?

The golf shaft is crucial to the performance of the club and the golfer. For the intermediate to advanced golfer the flex point, also known as the "kick point" in the shaft can either enhance or hinder your on-course performance.

Benefits of Using a Rangefinder

Given the importance of knowing how far you hit the different clubs in your bag and the difficulty in judging distances when you are on the course, the arrival of distance measuring devices like laser rangefinders can provide a real benefit to everyone from a beginner to a touring professional.

The Best Golf Simulators for the House

Whether it's a rainy day or you just don't have the means to get to a golf course on a certain day, there is no substitute for that fresh, live, green action like an in-home golf simulator. Some of the simulators are superior to others and are looked upon as being the standard for golf simulators. Here are a few of the top simulators available in the marketplace.

The Best Golf Ball for Your Game

The game of golf is unique. Unlike any other sport, half of a golfer's game is based on her individual skill, and the other half is based on the quality of equipment she uses. Every piece of equipment is essential for knocking down those birdies and eagles: the proper clubs, the right shoes, the right shades and, of course, the perfect golf ball. Selecting a golf ball before yo...


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