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How to Re-shaft a Golf Club (irons)

Perhaps you think it's time to buy a new set of irons because there have been a slew of technological breakthroughs in shafts since you bought your old ones. Actually, you can benefit from those breakthroughs without paying $500, or more, for new ones by simply replacing the shafts in the ones you now have. Here's how to reshaft your irons, a way that can both improve your golf...

What Pros Play With Ping Golf Clubs?

Ping (usually spelled PING) has been in the golf club business since the late 1950s. Founded by Karsten Solheim, it became initially well-known for its unusual putters. Later, it brought a process called "investment casting" to the manufacture of irons, which allowed for much more forgiving designs than the forged, blade-style clubs that had been common before. Based in Arizona...

How to Change the Weights in an r7 Driver

The TaylorMade r7 driver has four weights in the heel that are intended to help you straighten out a bad slice or draw. The driver comes with two 2 g and two 10 g weights that are removable with a special tool. Moving these weights to different positions will allow you to make adjustments in your driving accuracy.

Golf driver shafts

The Best Driver Shafts for Your Swing Speed and Budget in 2022

Driver heads basically sell themselves with all of the great technology you can clearly see. The driver shaft, however, is critically undervalued when it comes to the performance of the biggest stick in your bag. If you're not playing the best driver shaft for your swing speed, you're not getting the most out of your investment. Let's take a look at what features you should con...

The Advantages of Titanium Golf Clubs

In 1791, a revolutionary type of metal was discovered by English pastor Rev. William Gregor. At the time, it was known this metal would be helpful to the world, but no one expected it to provide some of the best golfing equipment more than 200 years later. The first pure titanium was produced in 1910 by American metallurgist Matthew A. Hunter. And 60 years later, titanium golf ...

Are Graphite Shafts Good for Golf Clubs?

Graphite shafts allow golfers to hit the ball longer and straighter than their stainless-steel counterparts. It would seem obvious that graphite shafts are great for the game of golf, especially for high-handicap players who just want to play a decent game an not embarrass themselves. Some golfers might think the fact that because graphite is lighter and stronger than steel, it...

Used golf clubs behind golfer

Where and How To Sell Used Golf Clubs To Get Top Dollar

Selling used golf clubs can be a one-time venture or a way to make serious side money, it all depends on the person. No matter the reason, selling your used golf clubs isn't always easy and requires a little effort to get top dollar for your sticks. Here's how to go about selling your used golf clubs and some common missteps to avoid along the way.

Dirty golf clubs on grass

How Do You Clean Rust Off of Golf Clubs?

A winter break can leave your golf game very rusty. A winter in the garage can sometimes leave your golf clubs rusty as well. Most clubs are made out of titanium and iron so they have a tendency to rust and stain. Most rust stains on golf clubs will not come off using soap and water alone. There are alternatives that can be used to have the club looking fresh and brand new once...

When to Replace Your Clubs

There are a number of reasons why you should buy new golf clubs. For one, you have been playing with your old ones so long that they are simply worn out. Or, you may want to replace your clubs because you are getting older and you hit the ball shorter than you used to, and a new set may be a better match for your evolving game. Then again, maybe you'd like to take advantage of ...

Difference Between Cobra M Speed and F Speed

Generally when a golf club manufacturer designs a specific style of clubs they tend to contain many similarities and very few differences. With that being stated, it can be said that Cobra Golf's products are comparable to those of many other club manufacturers; however, they are also different due to the disparities between their M/Speed Series Drivers and Fairway Woods and Me...

golfer address ball with driver

How to Measure the Length of a Golf Club

One of the keys to finding the right club is having a club that is the right length. When golfers hear that a club is 48 inches long, most don't understand how it is measured. Is that the length from top to bottom? Is it the length from the bottom of the grip to the face of the club? Is it the length of the club when measured at a certain angle? Actually, there are several diff...

What Is the Difference Between Nike Slingshot OSS & Tour Clubs?

Many times, when golf club manufacturers make different series or lines of clubs, they tend to make some within each series very similar. In the similar series clubs, there are minor differences or adjustments that have been made to one or the other based on the specifications and or price of each model. Nike is easily one of the top club makers today, and they are no exception...

Seven Tips to Finding Cheap Golf Clubs

Everybody who plays golf likes the idea of having a new set of clubs that have been sent directly from the manufacturer. But the woods, irons, wedges and putter could cost well over $2,000. Most of us have to fill in our sets as we go along and are content to buy one new club at a time. Sometimes that new club is a used club bought from a neighbor.

Fitting a Golf Club for Left-Handed Golfers

About 90 percent of all golfers play the game righthanded. Among those who play lefthanded, many do so even though they do everything else righthanded, like PGA Tour players Phil Mickelson and Mike Weir. There are far fewer equipment choices for lefties. But whether you're right- or lefthanded, the principles for choosing clubs are the same.

Bladed Wedge vs. Putter

Golf is simply a game of decisions--decisions on what course to play, which clubs to purchase and which club should be used on certain shots in certain situations. The decisions that are made easily determine exactly how well a golfer does on each hole and at the completion of the round. One of the toughest decisions that a golfer must make is when it is better to use a bladed ...

How to Rate Used Ping Clubs

When it comes to golf clubs, many players know that Ping manufactures and distributes some of the best around. However, the prices are sometimes a little too much for the average person to afford. One suggestion which many players who don't have a large amount of money take is to get used Ping clubs. The only problem with buying a used Ping golf club is determining how much lon...

How to Install Golf Club Heads on a Shaft

Sometimes people want to try a new golf club head but don't want to purchase a new, expensive golf club to do so. This is when it's easy and somewhat inexpensive to replace the head on your old club. This way, you can keep the grip and shaft intact and only replace the head of the club. While people in the pro shop are trained to do this, it is a relatively simple task.

two clubs on grass with ball

The Difference Between a Pitching Wedge and a Lob Wedge

The clubs golfers use are akin to the tools in a toolbox. Golf clubs have specific purposes and are used to accomplish different things. Pitching wedges and lob wedges are two of the most specialized tools in the bags of golfers. While both have the word "wedge" in their name, there are differences between the two, and differences in how they are used.

Information on Ping Golf Shafts

The shaft is one of the most important parts of any golf club. In many cases, if the shaft separates from the handle or the head, it is expensive to get replaced or there is no possibility of repair. Without an adequate shaft, the golfer might not get the shot they desire.

Project X Golf Shafts Information

The shaft is the most underrated part of the golf club. Next to the heads, the shaft must be stable enough to sustain the golfer through the swing. Unique golf shafts like Project X have implemented newer technology, mixed with old-school designs to create shafts that is geared for the affluent golfer.

Tom Wishon Golf Club Reviews

SpecsTom Wishon Irons 550C (cavity back) and 550M (muscle back): These true forged heads are made from a softer alloy of carbon steel called 1035C and have a lower carbon content. This allows the steel to be forged tighter and improves grain structure. Both feature CNC-machined U-Groove scorelines for greater accuracy. A five-step forging process ensures consistency of shape in...

Golfer putting with cart in background

Big Lite Putter Grip Reviews

SpecsPutting may not be the most fun part of the golf game but it certainly counts the most. "Drive for show, putt for dough" is not just a trite saying. Nothing lowers your score -- or devastates your opponents -- like putting well. Conversely, nothing is more frustrating or confidence-sapping than three-putting. If you have tried different putters, different putting styles or...

Taylor Made r7 TP Irons Review

SpecsThe TaylorMade r7 TP irons incorporate the characteristics of a blade with a thin top line and sole. However, the back of the club incorporates a slight cavity back for increasing forgiveness. The r7 TP irons use an inverted cone technology that can be seen on the back of the club. The inverted cone technology is visible just above the small pocket cavity on the back of th...


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