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How to Play Nassau

Nassau is the most popular and most played golf tournament format. Consisting of three separate matches, the Nassau works well with both stroke and match play formats, and with or without handicaps. For a Nassau, the three basic matches include...

How to Play Vegas

A game of pairings, Vegas is a great option to keep everyone involved for the entire round. Depending on your stakes, the payoffs can be significant!

Why Use Hybrid Golf Clubs?

Hybrid clubs represent one of the biggest steps forward in club design. In fact, in the hands of the recreational golfer, the concept may well be the biggest step forward ever. Those who play the game regularly know full well that the flatter the...

About Golf Chip Shots

Learning to chip in golf is a vital part of the game for all golfers. Unlike the normal golf swing, which is long, complicated and loaded with opportunities to make errors, chipping is relatively simple and also easy to learn. You may struggle wi...

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Golf Tournament Rules & Regulations
Certain rules and regulations must be followed in order to play in golf tournaments. The United States Golf Association sets the rules for golf......