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Integra Golf Club Reviews

Integra prides itself on designing the most technically advanced clubs in golf. Drivers are available in both normal shape and square-head, and most are made from beta-titanium. Driver head sizes are the largest in golf, and some designs, like th...

The History of Pebble Beach Golf

Pebble Beach is among the premier golfing attractions in California. Each course is surrounded by majestic mountains, natural wildlife and the white caps of the Pacific Ocean.

What Muscles Are Involved in a Golf Swing?

Many golfers don't know how and why many golf pros hit the ball 320 yards so effortlessly. They may not be as strong as NFL athletes but they utilize and strengthen the specific muscles that are essential to a powerful golf swing. The average gol...

How to Replace a Golf Shaft

Golf club repair, once the sole domain of highly skilled clubmakers, has become a bit of a cottage industry to many golfers with the advent of easily found parts, tools and supplies. While some skills--like replacing the whipping on a classic per...

The Adams IDEA a3OS

For players wanting maximum game-improvement features, hybrid clubs are often the answer. Hybrids are uniquely designed to include the lofts of irons and the forgiveness and comfort of woods. This makes them solid alternatives to long irons. Adam...

About David Gleeson

David Gleeson is an Australian professional golfer who plays on the Asian Tour (as of 2009). He began his career as a champion amateur player in Australia before eventually finding a home on the Asian professional circuit. After struggling early ...

Should You Use Stiff or Regular Shaft Golf Clubs?

Many people question whether they should be using stiff or regular shafts on their golf clubs. Many people don't choose the shaft that is best-suited for their style of play or their swing speed, meaning they lose distance on every shot.

Playing Golf with Your Child

Golf is a great sport that can be played throughout your life. If your child has expressed an interest in the sport, there are a few facts to consider.

Florida's Best Courses for Vacation Golf

Add one of these breathtaking Florida courses to your agenda on your next trip to the Sunshine State.

Our Favorite Dallas Ft. Worth Golf Courses

Next time you are in the Lone Star State, check out one or two of these top public access courses.

Golf Tips on Putting

Putting is the most challenging part of the game for many golfers. While it seems simple to knock the ball into the hole from close range, problems with technique, mental toughness or green reading will lead to wildly inconsistent putting results...

Golf Back Pain

Golfers have long been bothered by lower back pain. It is a common ailment that can become severe in some cases. In other cases it will simply linger on, causing only minor discomfort. There are several ways you can alleviate back pain and learn ...

Wilson Golf Putting Pal II

Putting can account for more than half the strokes in a golfer's score. Practice on the greens is important to improving your scores. Practice with an actual target like the Wilson Putting Pal II, and you'll improve as a putter.

Signs of Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion occurs when your body's cooling system stops working due to hot temperatures. More simply put, your body must be able to sweat to cool itself and remain at a certain temperature, typically about 98 degrees. If the body cannot keep...

15 Beautiful Winter Golf Destinations

Planning a golf vacation this winter? Check out these perfect winter getaways where it's golf season all year round.

Golfer Profile: Scott Strange

Scott Strange is an Australian professional golfer who has played on the Asian and European tours. After struggling early in his professional career, he found his footing on the Asian Tour, eventually making his way to Europe. He qualified for th...

At-Home Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Playing golf regularly can put a lot of strain on your lower back. You can hurt your back by carrying a heavy golf bag around the course, by bending at the waist to pick up your golf balls repetitively or just by standing for long periods and not...

The Best Golf Shafts for a High Trajectory Driver

A high-trajectory driver will help many golfers who have a hard time getting the ball in the air off the tee. Many golfers have a difficult time when using their drivers on the tee because the angle of impact makes it difficult to get the ball in...

Lower Back Extension Exercises

Lower back pain is fairly common among golfers. In fact, according to Sports Injury Bulletin, four of every five golfers will suffer from lower back pain at some point. A lot of this pain is due to poor posture and overall lack of physical fitnes...

Official Golf Rules on Identifying Golf Balls

There are specific rules when playing in a tournament or a match on how you can identify your golf ball. If you have hit a ball off course and you find it in the high grass and you just want to make sure that you are about to hit your own ball, y...

Yamaha Golf Carts Vs. E-Z-GO Golf Carts

Yamaha and E-Z-GO are two of the top manufacturers of golf carts. Although either of these golf carts would work to get you from one hole to the next, there are differences in the functions and abilities of these carts.

FootJoy Contour Men's Golf Shoes

FootJoy, which is owned by Acushnet, manufacturers the most visible golf shoe and glove brands in the industry. Its products are known for their fine leather and quality construction. The current FootJoy Contour Series of men's shoes consists of ...

Golf Learning Centers

Golf lessons have one objective: to make you a better golfer. It doesn't matter if it's your first time holding a golf club or you're a scratch golfer, you can always improve. Even pros get instruction, although they don't go to a golf academy an...

Shoulder Injury Treatments

The shoulder is supported by four small muscles called the rotator cuff. When one of these muscles gets damaged or injured, it can make everyday activities difficult or impossible and it can play havoc with a golfer's ability to swing the club. A...

Wrist Weight Exercises

It is true that the golf swing is not all in the wrist, but the wrist is an active participant. The wrist holds the club at a certain position at the top of the swing, and helps pull it down vertically at the point of impact with the ball. The wr...

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