Golf Tips And Techniques

Pro Golfer's Secrets: Rickie Fowler

Ricky Fowler is one of the top golfers performing consistently over the last few years on the PGA Tour.

Mizuno MX-25 Golf Club Reviews

The Mizuno MX-25 is an upgrade over the MX-23TM Mizuno club. The MX-25 has a special forged head that uses the Grain Flow Forged system and 1025E carbon steel. The club head also has a special CNC milled design in which there is a deep slot cut ...

What is Chippo Golf?

This combination of chipping and cornhole is an increasingly popular golf gift - and lots of fun!

What is FootGolf?

Did you know: FootGolf is a growing sport, combining soccer and golf, and it's played on regular golf courses around the world.

What is Disc Golf?

Ever wondered what disc golf is and how to play? This article will teach you all about this game that combines frisbee and golf.

TaylorMade Burner Plus Irons Review

Designed with those having a mid-high handicap (at least a 10) in mind, TaylorMade's line of Burner Plus irons typically consists of a 3 iron to 9 iron, with four different types of wedges available. Shafts are available in both graphite and stee...

The History of Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs

It was customary in 1991 for golf clubs to be named after weapons, so Ely Callaway chose the name Big Bertha for a new driver he introduced that year. He borrowed the name from a German WWI howitzer, nicknamed Big Bertha because of its massive si...

Types of Golf Shaft Flexes

All golfers are different and all of them have different types of swings. As a result, golfers need clubs that have varying torques when they swing the club. The shaft has the ability to transfer the golfer's energy to the club head, where it hit...

How to Install New Golf Grips

With most golfers, two things happen. Either they play with grips on their clubs until they're smooth, then they spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a new set of clubs. Or, when their grips get in bad shape, they pay someone else dear...

Wilson Zip Golf Ball Review

Wilson Staff's Zip golf ball features a multi-layer, zero-compression core. Wilson Staff says the Zip's power comes from a mantle layer made of DuPont HPF polymer, while the soft ionomer cover results in solid touch and optimal spin. The balls al...

Types of Golf Tournaments

For some golfers, the game is all about relaxation. They want to play a round and enjoy themselves without the pressure of competition. Other golfers thrive on competition and seek out opportunities to test their skills against other golfers. Som...

Stack and Tilt Golf Method

People are always looking for ways to build a better mouse trap, and the sport of golf is no different. The basics of the conventional golf swing have remained unchanged for quite some time --- until now. A relatively unorthodox method of swingin...

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Golf cart batteries require more maintenance than your typical car or truck battery, for the simple reason that golf cart batteries are not recharged as the cart is being driven. This frequent discharge of the batteries can decrease the life of e...

How to Build a Synthetic Putting Green

Putting is a skill that distinguishes the good players from the mediocre; eliminating just one putt every other hole will shave nine strokes off your 18-hole score. Having your own putting green is an excellent way to improve putting skills and c...

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