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Top Courses in the South: How many have you played?

Augusta National is the most legendary golf course in the southern states, but these public courses give it a run for its money with their challenging holes and stunning beauty. See if you can handle the heat!

Golfer Profile: Scott Strange

Scott Strange is an Australian professional golfer who has played on the Asian and European tours. After struggling early in his professional career, he found his footing on the Asian Tour, eventually making his way to Europe. He qualified for th...

At-Home Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Playing golf regularly can put a lot of strain on your lower back. You can hurt your back by carrying a heavy golf bag around the course, by bending at the waist to pick up your golf balls repetitively or just by standing for long periods and not...

The Best Golf Shafts for a High Trajectory Driver

A high-trajectory driver will help many golfers who have a hard time getting the ball in the air off the tee. Many golfers have a difficult time when using their drivers on the tee because the angle of impact makes it difficult to get the ball in...

Lower Back Extension Exercises

Lower back pain is fairly common among golfers. In fact, according to Sports Injury Bulletin, four of every five golfers will suffer from lower back pain at some point. A lot of this pain is due to poor posture and overall lack of physical fitnes...

Official Golf Rules on Identifying Golf Balls

There are specific rules when playing in a tournament or a match on how you can identify your golf ball. If you have hit a ball off course and you find it in the high grass and you just want to make sure that you are about to hit your own ball, y...

Yamaha Golf Carts Vs. E-Z-GO Golf Carts

Yamaha and E-Z-GO are two of the top manufacturers of golf carts. Although either of these golf carts would work to get you from one hole to the next, there are differences in the functions and abilities of these carts.

FootJoy Contour Men's Golf Shoes

FootJoy, which is owned by Acushnet, manufacturers the most visible golf shoe and glove brands in the industry. Its products are known for their fine leather and quality construction. The current FootJoy Contour Series of men's shoes consists of ...

Golf Learning Centers

Golf lessons have one objective: to make you a better golfer. It doesn't matter if it's your first time holding a golf club or you're a scratch golfer, you can always improve. Even pros get instruction, although they don't go to a golf academy an...

Shoulder Injury Treatments

The shoulder is supported by four small muscles called the rotator cuff. When one of these muscles gets damaged or injured, it can make everyday activities difficult or impossible and it can play havoc with a golfer's ability to swing the club. A...

Wrist Weight Exercises

It is true that the golf swing is not all in the wrist, but the wrist is an active participant. The wrist holds the club at a certain position at the top of the swing, and helps pull it down vertically at the point of impact with the ball. The wr...

Common Golf Cart Repairs

A golf cart is prone to poor or dead batteries and problems with tires and accelerator parts. Since a golf cart is often used only seasonally, recharging the battery will solve most issues. Use a little know-how to perform other repairs.

Review of Snake Eyes Python XL Driver

The Snake Eyes Python XL driver is a bargain-priced 460cc driver (the maximum size allowable by the USGA) designed for all levels of player from single-digit handicaps to high handicappers. This club has a deep face and elongated head with a tung...

Caring for a Pulled Muscle

Painful golf-related injuries sometimes come up out of nowhere. A golfer goes to grab his tee, and--bang--there is a hard pull in the hamstring. Some players will go on with their round and fight through the pain, risking increased damage. Others...

Nike SQ Dymo Review

The Nike SQ Dymo fairway woods place the center of gravity in a unique position depending on the loft of the club. It is higher and farther back in the head in lower-lofted clubs for a lower, more penetrating ball flight, and lower and closer to ...

TaylorMade Golf Ball Reviews

TaylorMade has three categories of golf balls on the market in 2009: a two-piece Burner which retails for $19 per dozen, the Burner TP ($33) and the TP Red and Black tour-level ball, which sells for $52. All the balls feature a low compression V-...

Do it Yourself Putting Green

If you're having some trouble leaving the game behind even when you're off the course, maybe it's time to start looking in to bringing the course home with you in the form of your own putting green. Creating a putting green in your backyard is a ...

SkyCaddie SG2 Review

The SkyCaddie SG2 includes the distance to 40 targets on every hole from a database of courses that you can download on the website. In addition, it provides the Intelligreen technology, which measures the drop and distance to the gre...

Nike Junior Tour TW Golf Shoes

The Nike TW Jr golf shoe, one of two current youth golf shoes offered by Nike Golf (the other is the Nike Revive Jr), is one of the more popular youth golf shoes on the market. This stems in part from its direct association with Tiger Woods.

Apex Tour Red Golf Ball Review

A four-piece ball designed to give the top-tier balls such as the Titleist Pro V a run for its money, the Hogan Apex Red is a long carrying, high spinning, high-performance golf ball. With a large, three-piece core designed for elasticity and hig...

Goliath Golf Club Reviews

Goliath Golf Group is Canada's premier golf manufacturer and strives to produce clubs of superior quality and craftsmanship but at affordable prices. Goliath offers several 460cc forged matrix and titanium drivers, which feature oversize heads, g...

Tour Edge Golf Bazooka Geomax 7 Wood

The Tour Edge Golf Bazooka Geomax 22 7 Fairway Wood SNR is a golf club made by Tour Edge Golf. It can be purchased as a part of a set of fairway woods or as an individual golf club. It is available for both right-handed and left-handed golfers.

Miura Golf Club Reviews

Made to the most precise and demanding tolerances in the golf industry since 1965, Miura offers a variety of models to suit any player's skill level. The patented "spin welded hosel" allows for precise shaft insertion. This tight shaft-to-head co...

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