When to Use What Golf Club?

From your first tee shot to your last putt, what club do you select for each shot? If you are a beginner, five considerations are all you need to think about in making this selection: distance, trajectory, obstacles, elevation and wind. Understanding the impact that each of these considerations has on club selection will allow you to make the proper selection to get you as clos...

How to Use a Golf Course Ball Washer

The ball that you tee off with is the ball you must continue to use through the green until you hole out, unless it is lost along the way. You cannot clean your ball through the green, unless you're playing a scramble format or a rule permits you to lift, clean and place your ball. On the green, you may lift, clean (normally with a towel) and place between putts. Between holes ...

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How to Play Alternate Shot

Alternate Shot is a golf game in which teams of two compete against each other. The two players are called partners and each pair of partners is called a side. This article will explain the basics of Alternate Shot play.Each side will play one ball from the tee, through the green to hole-out for each hole. The play is governed by USGA rules for either strokeplay (also called me...

Left-Handed Golf Grip

It's often said to be a right-hander's world since so many things are made or built for right-handed people and so little consideration is given to left-handers. The same is true to some extent in golf because it can be harder to find clubs for left-handed players. There is also a bias on many courses because there are more holes that go right to left than there are holes that ...

Stance for Left-handed Golfers

Learning how to stand correctly should not be an issue for any golfer. It is a relatively simple and straightforward task. However, instructions are almost always written for right-handed golfers, and that means lefties have to turn things around. That's where it can get complicated. Instead of thinking about their stance and swing, left-handed golfers are thinking about turnin...

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Hitting Driver Shots for Left-Handed Golfers

Few things get a golfer as pumped up as hitting a driver off the tee. It is also a task that is loaded with opportunities for the golfer to make mistakes. This is especially true of left-handed golfers, who have to process instructions and teachings that are designed for right-handed golfers and then turn them around.

Putting for Left-Handed Golfers

Putting is perhaps the easiest of all activities on the golf course--at least from a physical perspective. However, when you're putting for a match or a personal best on a super fast green with significant break, it is anything but easy. Left handers often face the added obstacle of trying to learn how to putt when most instructions are meant for a right-handed player.

Golf Club Fitting Tips

Buying golf clubs is relatively easy. Walk into a sporting goods store, find a set of clubs that look good and pay for them. But finding golf clubs that fit you and your game is more complicated. The clubs have to be the right length, the correct weight and the grip size must be accurate.

Food Ideas for a Golf Party

You may have had the lowest score at your company golf outing, recorded your first hole in one, or you want to watch the final round of the Masters with your golfing friends. Whatever the reason, you want to have a golf-themed party and need to feed your guests. Here are some suggestions.

How to Hit Clean Iron Shots

You've hit your drive right down the middle and you are in perfect position to play your second shot to the green. You are about 150 yards from the green and you take your 5-iron. You know you can make this shot, but you are sweating profusely. You know you have an opportunity but you don't want to blow it. Here's how to hit that iron cleanly.

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How to Drive a Golf Cart

You don't see the pros use them, but then again you don't see the pros carry their own clubs either. A golf cart can help you get around the links without dropping from exhaustion.

How to Stop Shanking Short Chips

The shank may be the ugliest shot in golf. It's so painful and destructive that many pros don't even refer to the shank as a shot. It is a complete mis-hit, one that dribble off the inside part of the club and dribbles off to the right. Here's how to prevent shanking your chip shots

How to Hit a Golf Ball High

Hitting a ball higher in the air allows you to capitalize on some tricky situations:- When you are close to the green, you can use your short irons and wedges to get great loft in order to have the ball land softly on the green.- When you are behind trees, you can land the ball softly on firm greens and minimize the roll.- When you are playing from the fairway or light rough an...

How To Dress Warmly For Golf

Dressing warmly for a round of golf in a cold climate is not easy. The key is being able to maintain the integrity of your golf swing while not succumbing to the elements. Wearing bulky clothes will impact the golfer negatively, so he must dress in layers to complete his round without freezing.

How to Relax on the Tee

Golf is a game that is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. The elements of pressure and competition get introduced early in the process, and that takes away the enjoyment for some--although it heightens it for others. Pressure shows up most often when the player is at the tee and on the green. Relaxing on the tee is one of the keys to hitting the ball well and getting it down the...

How to Pitch and Run

Learning how to hit a pitch-and-run shot is one of the first shots that inexperienced golfers can hit with confidence. It is also a shot that all golfers can use any time in their career under the right circumstances. If you are playing a hole that has a bit of an uphill finish, the pitch and run can be the perfect shot to land near the green and then run up to the hole.

The Proper Wrist Position for Your Golf Swing

Your wrists provide the final movement of the golf club as it prepares to hit the ball. To hit the ball correctly, you must have excellent timing with your wrists as you start your backswing, begin your downswing and finish with your follow-through.

What to Bring to a Driving Range

The driving range is a place where many serious and leisure golfers go to release some tension, practice their driving ability or to just simply spend their idle time. Many driving ranges have an array of clubs, balls and other equipment that patrons can choose from while there. However, as every serious or even semi-serious golfer knows, there is nothing like utilizing your ow...

How to Hit a Golf Ball With an Iron

Irons are a difficult part of the game to master. Most beginners make the same mistake--hitting under the ball. The key is to make solid contact with the ball without driving the head of the iron into the ground. This creates more force and spins the ball backward, making it rise into the air.

About Carlos Rodiles

Carlos Rodiles is a professional golfer from Spain. He has played on the PGA European Tour and the Challenge Tour in Europe.

How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

The advent of hybrid, or utility, clubs in recent years has been one of the most helpful innovations for the average golfer, resulting in reduced scores.

Keys to Efficient Practice

Many golfers pay attention to all the details of the game once they get on the golf course. However, their time on the practice tee often turns into a session of trying to bomb the ball as far as they can or working on their approach shots. One of the keys to making progress in the game is making efficient use of practice time by trying to gain expertise in as many different sh...

How to Get Your Hands Through the Ball at Impact

Learning to swing the club properly is about having your legs, hips, arms and hands work together to produce a positive result when you make contact with the golf ball. The hands' role is to continue to drive the swing once the hips have gotten your swing going.


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