Golf Course Clothing Etiquette

Team sports have uniforms. Individual sports, such as swimming or gymnastics, have clothing that enhances performance. But golf fashion is limited only by the imagination--and a few rules of common sense, etiquette and good taste. Much is dictated by tradition and the rules of the particular golf course or golf club you're playing as a member or a guest.

When to Use What Golf Club?

From your first tee shot to your last putt, what club do you select for each shot? If you are a beginner, five considerations are all you need to think about in making this selection: distance, trajectory, obstacles, elevation and wind. Understanding the impact that each of these considerations has on club selection will allow you to make the proper selection to get you as clos...

How to Dress Appropriately to Play Golf

Golf is a sport seeped in rich tradition. Dressing appropriately for the game is not only required by most golf courses, but enables a golfer to appear professional and presentable when playing with clients, friends and family members. Follow the easy steps below to master golf apparel etiquette.

How to Stand When Hitting a Golf Ball

With their backs straight, knees flexed and heads steady, many beginning golfers commonly overlook one small but key part to their stance: the toes. If you can imagine a straight line from the ball to the target, a beginning golfer tends to point his lead foot perpendicular to the imaginary line, which prevents flex in the legs and requires him to exert too much effort in turni...

How to Rake Sand Bunkers

Sand bunkers are a golf hazard in which the beginning or high handicap golfer will likely spend some time. When your ball lands in one, you hope that it has landed on a smooth sand surface, not in a footprint or club print from a previous golfer. This will make your sand shot easier.After your shot, you will want to leave the bunker in as good a condition (or better) as you fou...

How to Use a Golf Course Ball Washer

The ball that you tee off with is the ball you must continue to use through the green until you hole out, unless it is lost along the way. You cannot clean your ball through the green, unless you're playing a scramble format or a rule permits you to lift, clean and place your ball. On the green, you may lift, clean (normally with a towel) and place between putts. Between holes ...

How to Lower Your Golf Score

When a novice takes up playing the game of golf one of the first things she desires to know is how she can lower her score. Assuming that she has some affinity for the sport the best way to lower her score is to practice the various shots that need to be executed on a regular basis. But there are some other ways that the player can become a better golfer.

How to Prepare for Rain

If you are in a climate where rain may be a condition that you will play golf in, you need to be prepared to play in the rain and to both protect and keep dry and clean yourself and your equipment as much as possible. This article will help you to prepare for rain when you golf.

How to Get a Golf Ball Out of the Water

When you've just hit your ball into a water hazard, you might think that you can never get it back again. But what if you can see it and don't want to leave it behind? There are a few methods you can use to retrieve the golf ball from the water.

How to Tend the Flag in Golf

As with anything in golf, knowing where to aim is the name of the game. Using the flagstick to signal the hole for fellow players is a common courtesy that pays off big on the scorecard. Honing your techniques for properly tending the pin can help ensure a smoother, more enjoyable golf experience.

How To Use An Intermediate Target

Two points make a line. For beginning golfers' targeting purposes, too often those two points are the lie and the desired landing point, flagstick or the hole where you want the ball to go. Usually these two points are far enough apart to make your setup difficult. Read on to make your setup easier and your shots more directionally accurate.

woman watching golfers swing

How to Play Alternate Shot

Alternate Shot is a golf game in which teams of two compete against each other. The two players are called partners and each pair of partners is called a side. This article will explain the basics of Alternate Shot play.Each side will play one ball from the tee, through the green to hole-out for each hole. The play is governed by USGA rules for either strokeplay (also called me...

Best Oncourse Snacks For Golfers

Golf can be a grueling game, and most golfers need sustenance when in the middle of a four-hour round of golf. At many courses there is an opportunity to stop at a snack bar called a halfway house to get a sandwich and a soda. Even with that, golfers will find they are flagging as the final nine holes begins. It's a good idea--and completely appropriate--to carry snacks in your...

Left-Handed Golf Grip

It's often said to be a right-hander's world since so many things are made or built for right-handed people and so little consideration is given to left-handers. The same is true to some extent in golf because it can be harder to find clubs for left-handed players. There is also a bias on many courses because there are more holes that go right to left than there are holes that ...

About Golf Club Grips

Learning how to hold a golf club is the first thing you must learn when taking up the game. There are three basic grips that you can choose from. The overlapping grip is the most widely used grip in the game and it is quite effective. However, the interlocking grip and the baseball grip also work well.

How to Use Hips in Golf

Once you have gotten past the beginning stages of golf, you are no longer worried about making solid contact and keeping the ball in the fairway. However, you are interested in adding distance to your game and becoming a more powerful golfer. In order to get more power, you have to use all of your body. Using your hips in your swing is probably the biggest key to getting 25 to ...

Proper Way to Grip a Golf Club

Learning how to hold onto a golf club is the first step to becoming a golfer. Many beginners think they can just walk up to the tee, grab a club and whack the ball as hard as they can. That couldn't be more wrong, including the step about grabbing the club. Having the proper grip is the first step in building a solid swing.

Hitting Bunker Shots in Golf

Golf instructors always claim that hitting a shot out of a bunker is "the easiest shot in golf." For most golfers, the thought of descending into the depths of a bunker to hack their ball out of its sandy depths induces a great deal of anxiety. With a little practice, however, you'll find that it isn't that hard to escape from bunker trouble.

How to Align Properly

Your grip, your address and your alignment are three of the basics of getting started when playing golf. Alignment is usually the easiest concept of the three, but once a golfer gets a little bit of experience, he starts to wonder about changing his angle to the green or the fairway because of a hook or a slice in his swing. That's when the trouble begins.

How to Travel With Your Golf Clubs

New airline security regulations, passenger fees and luggage restrictions have made flying with golf clubs more difficult than in years past. Although rental clubs are available at golf destinations world-wide, using your own set of familiar clubs will keep your game at its best. If you are unable to drive to your golf destination, follow the steps below to travel by air with ...

Golf draw shot arc

How to Hit a Draw in Golf: 3 Simple Steps to Master the Shot

A draw in golf implies two things: first, that the ball starts to the right of your target (for a right-handed golfer), and second, that it curves back to the left towards your target as it descends. If you’d like to add a draw to your golf repertoire, follow these three simple steps to guarantee your draw starts and finishes exactly where you drew it up.

What Is a Correct Golf Grip?

Knowing how to grip a golf club properly will not assure that a golfer will hit the ball correctly. However, not holding a club properly will almost assure that a golfer will not hit the ball well. Generally speaking, both hands should work as one when holding a golf club.


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