Nike SQ Dymo Review

By Lyle@Nymble


The Nike SQ Dymo fairway woods place the center of gravity in a unique position depending on the loft of the club. It is higher and farther back in the head in lower-lofted clubs for a lower, more penetrating ball flight, and lower and closer to the face in higher lofts for higher spin rate and launch angle for getting the ball into the air. The Dymo is available in both square and round geometry with both clubs taking advantage of placing the club's weight in the perimeter of the club for stability and a solid feel at impact. This club is available in 13-, 15-, 17-, 19- and 21-degree lofts with an ultra lightweight Nike graphite shaft.


A pioneer in the square-headed wood geometry, Nike has taken the weight distribution of its square clubs and repositioned it into its round club heads with what they call "folded round geometry." This design brings all stability benefits of the extreme perimeter weighting in a square club into the traditional shape of a pear-shaped head.



The ultra-lightweight shaft and lightweight titanium club head make it extremely important to swing this club in control without getting your hands ahead of the clubhead. Extremely lightweight clubs are easy to flip or cast and hit a shot that snap hooks. Swing this club with lag--that is, keep the clubhead behind your body and hands through impact--and you will see shots this club was designed to hit.


Bottom Line

The SQ Dymo fairway wood from Nike is a truly high-level club for players and mid- to high handicappers. And since it is no longer in production, it can be found for a fraction of its original price on the secondary market. 


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