Nike Sumo2 3 Wood Review

Updated August 25, 2009

The Nike SQ Sumo2 3 Wood's head has a square geometry, similar to its sister driver, the SQ Sumo2 5900, and this head is made of cryo steel and has a large impact zone. The club comes with a 13 degree loft. A Mitsubishi Diamana Yellow Board Graphite shaft is available in senior, regular, stiff and x-stiff flexes and comes with a Nike Tour Velvet grip. The golf club is also available in left-handed models. The suggested retail price is about $280.


The square, somewhat enlarged head helps hitting balls off the fairway or even out of tough shots in the rough. It has a greater impact area that allows average golfers to make better contact. The loft of the club allows a higher flight of the ball, giving the golfer a straight and long shot.



This club hits long but straight shots. There will be little room for draws or fades. This line of woods can carry from 175 to 220 yards, but it will always be a straight shot if hit well. That's because the square club head has a larger impact zone.

Bottom Line

This is a good club to invest in. Typically, this club comes with the purchase of a Nike driver, but it has distance off the square head to cover plenty of fairway to the green.