Golf Club Review of Callaway X-22 Irons

By Jim Hagerty

Golfers on a green

Callaway X-22 irons boast stainless-steel heads, modified cavity backs and a revamped version of Callaway's bore-through hosel. Each club is cut with the company's Precision Notch Weighting (heel and toe weights), which balances center of gravity and kick-point. The X-22 series consists of a, game-improvement design and a more streamlined Tour model for advanced players. Each model (3-iron through pitching wedge) is available in True Temper steel or Callaway graphite shafts with standard flexes.


Callaway has a true gem with the X-22 series. Each club offers a balanced center of gravity and superb launch angle that propels the ball quickly. Tour model X-22s are just as comfortable and produce long, penetrating ball flights. Working the ball is effortless with the Tour's low center of gravity.


Like some Callaway irons of the past, X-22 wedges are a bit soft (gap wedge through lob wedge). Even the pitching wedge slightly fails to produce solid spin around the green.

Bottom Line

For performance, control and forgiveness, X-22s are superb clubs. Both models are versatile and live up to their claims. Although a wedge package (gap wedge to lob wedge) from Cleveland or Titleist is a better choice (and common), X-22 irons are at the top of the premium club heap.

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