Acu-Strike Mat Review

Training aids sometimes try and wow users with gadgets like integrated tech or apps. The Acu-Strike Mat is not one of those training aids. Instead, it does without the bells and whistles to show real time feedback on every swing using basic technology. It does this by creating a striking mat from a suede-like material which changes color on impact to show the shape of your swing. The mat comes in outdoor and indoor models to match consumers’ needs. The outdoor version can be used at the driving range while the indoor mat is perfect for practice indoors without a ball or with a net. Simply place a ball on (or aim at) the white dot in the center of the mat and view the results of your swing. However, golfers looking to get exacting feedback should temper their expectations. It’s difficult to get information about the club’s face so microtuning will be difficult. That's not to say it is impossible, just not consistent and dependent on both your swing and what club you are using. However, as a training aid to build up the muscle memory needed for a consistent straight swing, the mat is a valuable tool. It combines alignment aids in the form of the mat's white markings with instant feedback to build an effective swing. The outdoor model is also helpful to understand immediately what went wrong with wayward shots so you can correct big issues in accuracy. 




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