Wilson Zip Golf Balls Review

By Lyle@Nymble


The Wilson Zip golf ball is a three-piece multilayer ball designed to provide the player both spin off the irons and distance off the tee. Wilson says the special rubber composite core is made of high-velocity Neodymium catalyzed polybutadiene designed to provide ultra low compression. The cover is made of a very soft ionomer material that produces high spin rates and soft feel for control on shots around the green. The 302 dimples on each ball are shallower and flat-bottomed compared to other golf balls, Wilson says, to provide more penetrating ball flight.


The Zip is a unique combination of driving distance and feel. Whether it's the core composition or the aerodynamics of the cover, this ball truly flies off the tee and bores through the air on a driving trajectory. The price is right at less than $30 for a dozen compared to other top-line brands.



This ball is designed for average and even fairly well-skilled golfers, but it is not at the same level as the tour-level balls on the market. The ball indeed spins quite well but does not provide the kind of control tour professionals and top amateurs need to make it truly dance.


Bottom Line

Wilson has built a very fine golf ball in the Zip that is perfect for the vast majority of amateur players.


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