Titleist Golf Ball Reviews

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The top of the line Titleist golf balls on the market are called the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. These two balls, the 3-piece Pro V1 and the 4-piece Pro V1x, are designed to maximize distance off the driver and produce controllable spin off iron shots. With its 392 dimple design, the urethane elastomer cover promotes an enormous amount of spin when the ball is struck crisply, while the core and casing layers promote longer distance and what Titleist calls its Drop and Stop performance.


Played by many top tour professionals, the Titleist Pro V balls have one of the best quality control systems in sports equipment. Each ball has a seam in the cover in the same place, rolls true and compresses equally. The latest evolution of the classic balata cover ball, the Pro V is exceptionally durable and can easily last 36 holes or more for each ball.


The Pro V1 and Pro V1x are high-performance golf balls designed to be optimized when struck with a high swing speed. It takes more than 100 mph to compress either of these balls fully and they both require a particular skill to understand and control the back spin. As a result, these balls are not really designed for high handicap players with slower swing speeds.

Bottom Line

Both Titleist Pro V model golf balls are outstanding competitive golf balls proven against the toughest competition in the game. These balls live up to their claim and help even the most skilled players in the game.

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