NXT Tour Golf Ball Reviews

By Jim Hagerty


The NXT Tour, by Titleist, is a ball designed with average to highly advanced players in mind. Each ball is constructed with a special three-piece design (inner core, outer core and cover) using a blend of polybutadiene, ionomer and the Titleist-trademarked cover (made with what the company calls its "fusablend" material). According to Titleist, the NXT Tour contains the characteristics of a hard, distance ball and the soft and pliable feel of a balata ball. Each boasts a staggered wave pattern of 392 icosahedral dimples. .


The NXT Tour flies true on straight, booming drives and responds well on shaped shots. The ball offers a soft feel at impact and rolls well and cuts through rough with solid speed. Around the green, NXT Tours are especially responsive to wedges and pop out of bunkers with good-to-exceptional spin.


The NXT Tour is not an extremely forgiving golf ball. Mis-hits can feel uncomfortable and result in sprayed shots. It also has the tendency of feeling heavy with slow swings. On the putting surface, the NXT Tour is a bit soft on long putts. It can also come off the club a bit quickly on shorter shots near the hole.

Bottom Line

At $25 to $40 per dozen (2009), the NXT Tour ball is aimed at skilled, shot-shaping players. Its distance and balata characteristics are well balanced. For the beginner, better performance is offered using the NXT Extreme, a more forgiving ball for all skill levels.


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