Titleist 907 D1 Driver Review

By Matthew Keller


The Titleist 907 D1 is a 460cc multi-material golfing driver with a titanium-face insert. It is designed with a triangular-shaped club face that is designed to offer a high moment of inertia. The high MOI makes the club more forgiving while increasing distance. The crown of the club has a dark finish; and its standard length is 45 inches. The D1 is available in lofts of 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5; and the stock shafts available for this driver are the Aldila VS Proto 65 and Titleist Diamana Blue 65.

Field Use

The Titleist D1's geometric design gives a player confidence and is easy to hit. It comes with a glossy black finish, a traditional look compared to recent Titleist drivers. The driver sets up good at address, and in terms of performance, the D1 promotes a mid- to high-ball flight due to the lower center of gravity. Distance is decent with the D1, and the club is very accurate. It produces slight fades and draws off the tee, and since the driver is very straight, it is harder to work the ball with this driver. For someone who already hits the ball straight, they might want to try the Titleist D2.

Pros and Cons

The original retail on the Titleist D1 was approximately $500. But since it has been around for a few years, it's possible to find a new one for around $275. It should be easy to also find a used one for under $200. All players will benefit from the forgiveness of the driver. The average distance is decent, but players should not expect to instantly pick up another 15 to 30 yards. However, since it is so forgiving, players will be playing more second shots from the fairway, and if they can get over the triangular aesthetics of the D1, they should see positive results with this club.

Bottom Line

This is a nice club that players of all skill levels can enjoy. However, better players may prefer the Titleist D2 if they are more keen to working the ball. It will be a perfect fit for someone who wants to straighten out a big draw or fade. It has a dull sound at impact, while similar drivers on the market are extremely loud and turn off some players. Higher handicap players might pick up distance with this club mainly because this driver helps keep the ball in play. Overall, the Titleist D1 can definitely help improve ball striking off the tee.

About the Author

Matthew Keller has been a PGA Golf Professional for more than 10 years. During that time, he has given thousands of golf lessons and written hundreds of golf articles relating to the golf industry. Keller is a graduate of the Penn State Professional Golf Management Program.