Reviews of Sun Mountain V1 Speed Cart

By Teresa Justine Kelly


The V1 Speed Cart by Sun Mountain is a three-wheeled, lightweight, ergonomically designed push cart for golfers who prefer to walk the course rather than drive a golf cart. The V1 is a top-line speed cart with many features included to enhance your golfing experience. The main advantage of this speed cart over other brands is the large pneumatic shock-absorbing tires that make pushing your golf bag a breeze, easing pressure on your back and shoulders. The cart is manufactured using lightweight material, so lifting the cart in and out of your car is not a backbreaking chore.

Field Use

The V1 Speed Cart unfolds effortlessly. Simply by pulling the handle upward, the two back wheels automatically extend outward and the front tire unfolds forward. The handle can be adjusted to custom-fit your height. The beauty of the V1 Speed Cart is that no matter how heavy your golf bag, the V1 easily transports your bag and golf accessories without strain or effort. The golf bag sits securely and comfortably in the adjustable brackets that can accommodate all sizes of golf bags. Sun Mountain seems to have thought of every need a golfer might have during a round of golf. The V1 comes equipped with an umbrella holder mount. This great feature is a huge convenience to protect you and your clubs from a sudden rain shower or from the sun's harsh rays. The console tray includes a padded valuables tray, bungee score card holder, swivel drink holder, convenient mesh head-cover tray located on the handle and ball and tee holders. The easy-to-operate parking brake is also located on the handle. Sun Mountain even includes an air pump for your cart's tires. The V1 folds down easily in seconds by pulling downward on the handle. The wheels collapse inward as the handle folds down, requiring very little space in your car's trunk. The V1 also comes in seven different colors.

Pros and Cons

The Sun Mountain V1 Speed Cart offers a smooth, light means of transportation for your golf clubs, as well as all the perks you might require in your round of golf. There are less-expensive speed carts on the market. The V1 retails for approximately $200, but the extra cash is worth it in terms of enhancing your golfing pleasure. The V1 is designed to be pushed forward rather than pulled backward, as this will weaken the frame, so if someone offers you a ride on their motor golf cart, do not drag your V1 Speed Cart backward because Sun Mountain will void your warranty.

Bottom Line

The Sun Mountain V1 Speed Cart is a great golf cart design. It is an amazing departure from the usual golf carts that are on the market and the carts offered by golf courses. As a golfer, you will notice a huge difference after pushing your clubs over 18 holes of golf using the Sun Mountain V1 Speed Cart. No matter what size of golf bag you have, the V1 will glide your bag effortlessly throughout the course, easing pressure and tension in your back and shoulders. The ease of use plus all the features the V1 offers make it a very good purchase.


About the Author

Teresa Kelly graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. She was an editor for seven years for several magazines and publishing houses. Kelly is an avid golfer, a well-known children's book and golf author, and is currently the president of Highview Press/Golfing Lady that produces all occasion golf greeting cards.