Big Lite Putter Grip Reviews

By Mike Pile

Golfer putting with cart in background

Putting may not be the most fun part of the golf game but it certainly counts the most. "Drive for show, putt for dough" is not just a trite saying. Nothing lowers your score -- or devastates your opponents -- like putting well. Conversely, nothing is more frustrating or confidence-sapping than three-putting. If you have tried different putters, different putting styles or all kinds of gadgets and still have failed to find a rhythmic stroke, the BigLite may be your answer.

Field Use

The BigLite from Scuti Grips is the first putter grip to deliver an oversize "handle" without compromising balance and weight. This is accomplished with a unique blend of materials and a manufacturing process that incorporates millions of air bubbles to add volume without heft. The BigLite comes in three versions, BigLite 1; BigLite 2 and BigLite 3, and five colors with contrasting black accents. All versions are about one-half again bigger around than a conventional putter grip but weigh roughly the same at about 80-95 grams. Other oversize grips weigh in at about twice that. BigLite 1 is a uniformly round grip with a diameter of 1.7 inches. BigLite 2 is a slightly smaller version, diameter 1.5 inches, for those with smaller hands or who want an incremental change. BigLite 3 sports a 1.7 inch diameter but in a classic pistol grip configuration.

Pros and Cons

Putters of yesteryear generally used a more hands-y or wrist-y putting stroke. But today's best putters use a pendulum stroke using the big muscles of the shoulders to start the ball on its way. The thinking behind a pendulum approach is that it produces a more consistent, reliable stroke. The BigLite grip is a significant aid in promoting this feel. The sheer volume of the grip reduces the role of the hands and wrist in the putting stroke. This in turn promotes a more pendulum-like swing led by the muscles of the shoulders and arms. The grip size works on a cognitive level as well. Since this grip feels so different in your hands it serves as a reminder to initiate your swing with a rocking motion of the shoulders. If you have not found consistent success on the green, this big cushy grip could be for you. And it is certainly a cheaper alternative than a new putter.

Bottom Line

Putting is the most personal and artistic of all the golf strokes. One size and style of putter head, putter grip, putter shaft does not fit all. Just one afternoon watching a tournament proves that. Without a doubt the BigLite putter will feel odd in your hands and look strange to your eye at first, but that is the point; you need something different to kick-start your improvement. If the BigLite starts to feel natural after a few strokes and after a few more you start holing some, you may have found your next putter. Just be aware your partners will want to try it, too!

About the Author

Mike Pile is a professional golf writer. Pile has been writing for 11 years with work appearing in Golfing Magazine, Solar Industry, North American Clean Energy, Electrical Construction and Maintenance, and GolfLink among others. He holds an MBA from the University of St.Thomas.