The worst piece of advice in the history of this sport is "keep your head still" or related ideas, such as "keep your head down," "keep your eye on the ball," and "don't move your head during the swing."

No question, it's No.1.

Why? Because in any sport in which you are trying to move an object away from you toward a target, then the weight will always go to the foot that is farthest from the target first, and then go to the foot that is closest to the target. The head will naturally flow in the direction of the motion, if it is allowed to do so.

In golf, specifically, there are two pivot points that dictate and confine the movement of the swing. Let's be clear, though, the head is NOT one of them.

For the right-handed golfer, the right foot is the pivot point in the backward motion or loading motion and the left foot is the pivot point in the forward motion or unloading motion. The head moves with the body, naturally, as the body rotates and transfers weight.

For most standard shots, we work to have our weight about 50/50 in the starting position.

During the backswing, the weight transfers to 75% on the right foot and 25% on the left and then at the finish of the swing the weight transfers to 100% on the left foot and 0% on the right. The right foot stays stable in the loading motion and the left foot can move. Then, the left foot stays stable in the unloading motion and the right foot can move. The left foot occupies the same space at the finish as in the set up.

At the finish, many fine ball strikers have allowed the right (or back) foot to move along the ground, toward the left foot, to the degree that all the weight can be transferred into the left (or front) foot.

The head cannot stay still and achieve this kind of athletic motion.

To be sure, the head moves a bit to the right in the load and then moves a good bit in the unload. At the finish, the head is balanced over the pivot point or left foot. The most athletically sound and balanced swings often provide a subtle down and to the right movement of the head in the backswing and then a more dramatic forward, up and left movement to the finish.

"Keeping your head still" dictates that a golfer will never reach his or her optimal performance levels. It is an unnatural, contrived, stressful and disrupting concept that has been floating around the golf world for over 100 years now.

Yes, your head moves in the golf swing. Be athletic, natural and free, and watch your game and swing improve.