Improve Your Putting - End Every Practice Session on the Green

By Milo S

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It sounds so simple -- practice your putting. But too many players ignore the one part of their game that will likely impact their score more quickly than any other.

Here's an easy fix. End each practice session on the green. It doesn't have to be a marathon session, just long enough for you to roll a few putts of varying lengths and cool down from that bucket of balls on the range.

Drop a couple of balls and hit a half-dozen or so 25-footers to get a feel for the green. Mix in 10-footers, three-footers and even some one-footers just to help your confidence with rolling the ball into the cup. Then pick a couple of "holes" and play them to conclusion.

You can always spend longer sessions on the practice green, but even when your time is limited be sure to budget a few minutes to end each session on the green. It will pay off.