Westerly Winds Sports Park - Miniature Golf Course
Westbrook, Maine
featured Mini Golf Course 771 Cumberland St
Westbrook, ME 04092-2406
United States
P: (207) 854-9463
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Sunday, August 15, 2010
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Do not, and i repeat do not waste your money or time on this severely run down sports park. This is on a beautiful piece of land that , with the right upkeep/ renovations could be gorgeous with pool, tennis , par 3 course, mini golf and golf range. It is severely run down, mats on the driving range are torn, mini golf looks like it hadnt been tended to in years, and a par 3 course that is so strewn with brush you should bring a rake with you. It is so neglected that the sand traps on the par 3 course are bare of sand, and have weeds growing up throught them. The greens are greenless, wwith hard packed, cracked dirt and ant hills on them. Even the signs with the hole numbers are bent, with signs just hanging. It looked liked it had not been cared for in years. I cannot believe they charged me 12.00 per person to play on this course. It is truly a shame to see this utter disrepair on grounds tht have so much potential. Not surprising that we were the only ones there.

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