Proper Posture in Golf

By Steve Silverman

golf ball on a tee
Having the proper posture and setup in golf is one of the keys to executing a consistent swing. Good posture means that you have set the proper foundation for your swing and that you will be able to hit the ball the same way every time without any quirks. Golf is an athletic game and you should be in an athletic posture every time you swing the club.

Centering Your Weight

Your weight should be centered on the balls of your feet. When you are using your driver, 60 percent of your weight should be on your back foot. With any other club, your weight should be split between your right and left foot. The outside part of your shoulders should be inside the insteps of your two feet. This will assure that you are in an athletic posture and in a position to hit the ball consistently

Your Hips and Spine

Your hips will be the fulcrum of your swing. You need to bend forward at the hips, while keeping your spine straight. When you hold your club, it should be at a 90-degree angle to your spine. Once you get comfortable bending slightly forward at the hips and having your spine and arms at a 90-degree angle, you will understand the first step toward building a consistent swing. Now you can angle your spine slightly to the right. This will give you power off the tee and on the fairway for long par 4s and 5s.


To maintain an athletic posture throughout your swing, you need to bend your knees every time you address the ball. Those knees must continue to be bent--slightly but distinctly--at all points during the swing. During the backswing, downswing and follow-through, the slight flex in the knees is what gives the golfer the ability to come through the ball in rhythm.