What Is a Ping ZZ Lite Golf Club Shaft?

By Marc Jenkins

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Before a golfer should decide on a certain club or set of clubs to use, he should understand exactly how the club is constructed and how using it will benefit him. Golf club manufacturers offer a plethora of options ranging from club kinds to grip materials and even shaft types. Ping offers a certain style of golf club shaft called the ZZ Lite which is used on quite a few of their clubs and have been for over 20 years.

Specifications of the Ping ZZ Lite

The Ping ZZ Lite is an extremely lightweight, steel golf club shaft with a high flex point and a stiff tip section. Only weighing 115 grams with a torque of 1.9 degrees, the ZZ Lite allows users a nice relaxed swing which will always lead to better golfing. Due to the torque on the ZZ Lite, once impact on the ball is made, the reaction is very forgiving which makes using any club with a Ping ZZ Lite enormously pleasurable.

What Kind of Golfers Should Use the ZZ Lite

Since Ping ZZ Lite club shafts are lightweight steel, they should be swung only in a manner which will not lead to over-stroking the ball. Golfers with average swing speeds are ideal candidates for using clubs with ZZ Lites. A player with an average of 250 to 275 yards on their drives and the ball generally swing at a speed between 95 to 105 mph. A golfer who is not matched up properly with a club shaft has tendencies to either over swing or under swing.

ZZ Lite's Similarities to Other Ping Golf Club Shafts

The Ping ZZ Lite golf club shaft has several similarities to some of Ping's other club shafts such as the X100, the Z-Z65 and the Dynamic Gold. The ZZ Lite has a very comparable ball flight pattern to that from the Z-Z65 club shaft and plays eerily similar to the Dynamic Gold club shaft. However it is the X100 that is almost completely identical in many aspects to the ZZ Lite, the end of the shaft is the only part that varies. The fact that the Ping ZZ Lite golf club shaft has all of these positive characteristics is exactly why it is effective and admired among golfers.

Shaft of Choice for Ping Eye 2s

Ping Eye 2s were marketing starting in the mid 80s as a very easy set of clubs to use, particularly due to their ZZ Lite shafts. They have not been manufactured for many years, but they are often available for purchase through Ebay.

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