How Golf Clothing Can Change Your Game

By Steve Silverman

The way you dress can be an important part of golf. Not only will you feel better in fashionable golf clothes, but wearing the correct apparel can impact the way you play your game. For example, you may have been looking forward to your Saturday afternoon of golf with old college friends for over a month. But on this Saturday, it is rainy and windy. Not enough to cancel the day of golf, but more than enough to impact your play. Wearing a rain suit can mean the difference in feeling comfortable or not being able to play a competent round of golf.

Golf Shoes

This is the most important part of your wardrobe as far as your performance on the course is concerned. Your golf shoes give you traction on the fairway, in the rough and in the bunker. This should give you confidence that you will not slip or lose your footing as you swing at the golf ball. Trying to hit a golf ball from the bunker without golf shoes is a very difficult assignment because you can't grab a foothold without them.

Wind Suit

Golfers can purchase wind suits that help to provide stability while swinging the club. A wind suit not only allows the wind to blow by with a limited impact on the golfer, it also protects the golfer from rain or other elements.

Golf Shirt

A golf shirt is a fashion statement but it also helps the golfer contend with the heat of a round played in the middle of a hot summer day. Made of cotton, the breathable material allows the golfer to stay cool and have a freedom of movement that he otherwise wouldn't have if he was wearing a heavier material.

Golf Glove

A golfer generally wears a glove on his left hand only. This is the lead hand for a right-handed golfer and it is the one that steers the club on its backswing, down swing and follow through. It also absorbs the brunt of the impact when the clubhead hits the ball. Wearing a glove lessens friction and helps prevent blisters.

About The Author

Steve Silverman is an award-winning writer, covering sports since 1980. Silverman authored The Minnesota Vikings: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Who's Better, Who's Best in Football -- The Top 60 Players of All-Time, among others, and placed in the Pro Football Writers of America awards three times. Silverman holds a Master of Science in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism.


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