The Best GPS Units Under 150 Dollars

By Bill Herrfeldt

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Finding global positioning system (GPS) units for under $150 is difficult, because most of them cost far more. But the following four very serviceable units will not cost you an arm and a leg. Two are for general use, and two are for use on the golf course. Check out the following choices, especially if you are new to GPS and do not want to spend a lot of money on one until you see if a GPS should become a part of your life.

Sonocaddie V100 Golf GPS

This unit will give you very accurate distances from anywhere on the golf course. Even without a clear line of sight, it will show you the distance to the green, thus making club selection a snap. The most you'll pay is a one-time membership fee of $29.95 that will gain you access to any of the courses the company has mapped. This unit's memory is capable of holding up to 10 courses at a time. The unit is only about 2-by-3 inches and weighs only about 2 ½ oz., and its lithium battery will last for up to 15 hours before it needs recharging.

Average price in 2009: $150

Magellan Maestro 3100 GPS

This unit is an entry-level GPS that provides bare-bones navigation but the price is very low. Those having purchased one have said that it does take a while to calculate distances and routes, and the battery life is too low, only about six hours. But the Maestro 3100 does have a 3.5-inch display, four separate views and a nifty spell feature, and it offers a feature called SmartDetour, a great feature for the price.

Average price in 2009: $100

Mio Digiwalker C220 GPS

You simply cannot beat this unit for its meager price tag. It is about the cheapest GPS device on the market, and its navigation performs as well as those that cost far more. The GPS field is dominated by the likes of TomTom, Garmin and Megellan, but Mio's offering of the C220 is terrific for getting you around town and for its cost. The only drawbacks are that it is difficult to see in direct sunlight and the volume control is maddeningly hard to find. But at this price, not many owners can complain.

Average price in 2009: $40

Bushnell Neo GPS

This beauty can be used right out of the box if you want to map your own golf course, although you will need a computer to download maps of other courses from Bushnell's website. You will also have to pay about a $30 one-time charge for access. Featured are pictures of each hole and the distances to the greens from up to four positions on those holes. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that holds about 16 hours of use. It is water-resistant and comes with the software you'll need to download courses, as well as a USB cable and a belt clip.

Average price in 2009: $150

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