Difference Between Cobra M Speed and F Speed

By Marc Jenkins

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Generally when a golf club manufacturer designs a specific style of clubs they tend to contain many similarities and very few differences. With that being stated, it can be said that Cobra Golf's products are comparable to those of many other club manufacturers; however, they are also different due to the disparities between their M/Speed Series Drivers and Fairway Woods and Metals and their F/Speed Series Drivers and Fairway Woods and Metals.

What the Speed Letters Signify and Which One is Right for You

The letters that come before speed in the title of each series name have very important and special meanings. For instance, the M in M/Speed represents "moderate," and these particular fairway clubs and drivers have been constructed for golfers who have moderate swings and ball speeds who are looking to reach new levels of distance and accuracy. The F in F/Speed represents "fast," and these fairway clubs and drivers are made specifically for golfers who contain fast swings and ball speeds who are also looking to optimize their distance and accuracy games.

If a golfer generally drives the ball at an average of 220 to 275 yards, their current swing speed is between 87 and 108 mph and their current driver ball speed is between 122 and 155 mph, then the F/Speed Driver and Fairway Club would be the correct choice for them. If a golfer drives the ball at an average of 210 to 250 yards, has a current swing speed of 76 to 97 mph and a current driver ball speed of 110 to 140 mph, they should select the M/Speed to take their game to that next level. Once a golfer can figure out exactly what kind of player he is, selecting the correct speed series is the easiest part of succeeding on the course.

Results Achieved Using the Different Speeds

Cobra Golf has come up with a range of clubs and drivers within the same series to improve a golfer's game based on the individual golfer's strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. They accomplish this with the exclusive speed-tuned custom heads on every Cobra M/Speed and F/Speed fairway club and driver.

The exclusive speed-tuning also provides the correct club or driver shaft, as well as the proper custom grips on the handle of the club. While both the M/Speed and F/Speed contain regular, stiff shaft flexes, they differ in other categories such as the grip and the shaft. While the F/Speed uses a 50D Durometer (a gauge that can be used to check the density or hardness of a material) grip and a 55 gram Cobra/Aldila NV-F shaft, the M/Speed only goes with a 45D Durometer grip and a 50 gram Cobra/Adila NV-M shaft. The F/Speed is clearly heavier and denser, which gives the faster and more powerful swingers the ability to stroke the best possible shot every time. The face angle is also slightly different on the two series of clubs; the M/Speed possesses a one-degree closed face angle while the F/Speed only contains a half degree closed face angle. The face angle is important because it can regulate the amount of ball loft a golfer can receive on his shots and drives.


Even though the Cobra M/Speed and F/Speed drivers and fairway clubs are similar in many ways, the vast differences between the two could mean the difference between a golfer possessing the ideal club or driver for their game or having something that could become a tremendous hindrance to the game. Golfers should know exactly what type of game they have before selecting between the M/Speed and F/Speed drivers and fairway clubs. Both the M/Speed and F/Speed drivers are priced around $300, while the Fairway Clubs are around $180 for the metals and $130 for the woods.

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