The Best Golf Cart Batteries

Updated November 4, 2021
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    generic golf course pic

You maintain your golf cart like you do your car, and with this responsibility, you find you need to replace the wearable components like tires, belts, oil, and the batteries.

Gas-Powered Carts vs Electric-Powered Carts

Electric-powered carts must be plugged in after every use in order for its battery to completely recharge. With a gas-powered cart, the battery operates similar to a battery for an actual automobile. This is very important to know when purchasing a new battery for the cart, because the turnaround time for an electric cart is much longer than for a gas-powered version.

If you have the ability or means to plug in your cart so the battery may charge after every use, then an electric cart is absolutely the way to go, especially in regards to battery longevity and productivity.


The Best Batteries

The choice of which battery to buy can be difficult since there are so many. Be sure to check with the supplier to make sure they will take the old battery and how much of a credit they will give you for it.

Trojan Batteries

The Trojan T-105 is considered the best on the market because it has a cycle life (how many times you can charge and discharge the battery) of 750, which is the most of any battery on the market. It weighs 62 pounds.

The other Trojan battery that is good for your golf cart is the T-125, which has a cycle life of 650 and weighs 66 pounds.

Both can be bought with different terminals like the "L-post." The rate of discharge is 447 minutes at 25 amps or 115 minutes at 75 amps for the T-105 and 488 minutes at 25 amps or 132 minutes at 75 for the T-125.


US Battery Manufacturing Company

The US-125 is high on the list of quality golf cart batteries for two reasons: 1)it is sold in sets coming from the same batch and 2) the company that sells this battery is a manufacturer, not just a distributor. They weigh 67 pounds but don't have as much cycle life as the Trojans--625 cycles--but the rate of discharge is better at 517 minutes at 25 amps or 140 minutes at 75 amps. US Battery also offers the slightly lighter US-2200 that weighs 63 pounds with a rate of discharge at 474 minutes at 25 amps and 122 minutes at 75 amps.

Exide Batteries

The E-3600 Exide battery is probably the best battery but has the lowest cycle life of the other batteries at 600 cycles. It is very durable with good vibration resistance, weighs 62 pounds and has three gang vents. The rate of discharge is 390 minutes at 25 amps or 110 minutes at 75 amps. Exide makes another battery, the GC-2H, that has a better rate of discharge but has a cycle life much less than any of the others.


Best Websites to Purchase a Golf Cart Battery

As with anything you purchase, some places are better than others to buy things; some places have the absolute lowest prices, others have the largest selections and some places actually offer both. Power Stride Battery's site has a huge selection of golf cart batteries to choose from, along with some of the lowest prices around. Battery Plex's online store is another great site to check out for golf cart batteries, as is Battery Web, for a large selection of batteries at inexpensive prices.