The Best Golf Schools in the USA

By Steve Silverman

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Golfers who have been bitten by the golf bug go through several levels of improvement as their game takes shape. After taking a lesson or two, improvement follows, and most golfers reach a plateau where their game remains at the same level for a lengthy period. To start improving again, golfers can enroll in golf school to learn rapidly under intense scrutiny.

Arnold Palmer Golf Academy

The Arnold Palmer Golf Academy in Orlando Florida offers excellent personal instruction to its students, with an array of outstanding teachers. The course and the facilities are superb, and golfers get as much golf as they can handle in a three-day workshop. The courses students play have a lot of hazards, and accuracy is one of the key areas on which instructors focus. (2009 price: $855)

Academy of Golf Dynamics

The Academy of Golf Dynamics has locations in Austin, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado. This school offers one of the most intense three-day programs available. The amenities are good, but the focus is on the instruction. Every aspect of the golfer's swing will be scrutinized, broken down and rebuilt. (2009 price: $1,325)

Dana Radar Golf School

The Dana Radar Golf School in Charlotte, North Carolina, also offers an intense three-day program. Golfers get educated in the nuances of driving, fairway play, bunker play and putting. Golfers receiver one-on-one and group lessons from a staff of experienced instructors. (2009 price: $750)

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