Tips for a Golf Swing

By Steve Silverman

Golfers are always looking for tips that can help them build a better swing and lower their golf score. Sometimes the tips are obvious and other times they are a bit more complicated. A golfer may be concentrating so much on completing his hip turn in the middle of his swing that he forgets to check his grip before he starts his swing. Golfers can make small adjustments that make big differences in their swing.

Angle your front for added distance

When you address the ball, your left shoulder should be facing the target and your left foot should be directly underneath your foot. By angling your left foot out, you can have a more significant turn and gain more club head speed on impact. That is the key factor when looking for more distance.

Power lean

Take your normal stance as you address the ball. Your feet should be shoulder length apart. Bend your knees so you are in an athletic position as your prepare to swing. With your club head behind the ball in the starting position, lean toward your back foot just a bit. This will give you added power and put yourself in the launch position to hit a long and accurate shot.

Grip strength

Many golfers think they have to squeeze the club as hard as possible in order to get great distance on their shots. In reality, the tighter you squeeze the club, the less distance you will get. Holding the club tightly will put tension in your swing and restrict your ability to get a full shoulder turn and maximum distance. Relax when you grip the club. Hold it as you would a tube of toothpaste without allowing the tube to slip out of your hand. You don't want to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube, either.

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