Aquatic Exercises for Low Back Pain

By Chris Joseph

golfer tees off on dogleg left
To help relieve the lower back pain often suffered by golfers, exercises to strengthen the back muscles are often effective. One method of performing lower back exercises is to do them under water. According to the Ohio State University Medical Center, the buoyancy of the water can reduce stress on the joints by making it necessary for them to support only 10 percent of your body weight. As a result, you can improve your back pain while experiencing less pain in the process.

Side Leg Raises

While standing erect in neck deep water, raise your right leg out and to the side and hold for five to 10 seconds. Return your leg back toward the starting position, but instead of placing your right foot on the pool bottom, cross it over your left foot. Perform up to 10 repetitions, then repeat the exercise with your left leg.

Leg Extensions

Stand with your feet together in neck deep water. Lift your left knee off the pool bottom so that your upper left leg is parallel to the bottom. Then straighten you knee so that your leg is extending directly outward. Return to the starting position, then repeat up to nine more times. Repeat the exercise with your other leg.

Calf Raises

Stand at the edge of the pool in waist deep water while holding on to the side of the pool. Rise up on your toes and hold, then lower yourself back down and rise up on your heels. Perform a total of 10 repetitions.

Leg Circles

A variation of the leg raise is the leg circle. Stand in waist deep water. Raise your right leg and make three clockwise circles, followed by three counterclockwise circles. When finished, perform the exercise with the left leg. A total of 10 sets should be completed with each leg.

Imaginary Chair

Stand in waist deep water at the side of the pool. With your back resting against the side, squat down so that your body is in a sitting position. Begin pumping your arms as if you were walking briskly or marching until you have completed 50 repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat.