The Best Golf Ball for Your Game

By Marc Jenkins

The game of golf is unique. Unlike any other sport, half of a golfer's game is based on her individual skill, and the other half is based on the quality of equipment she uses. Every piece of equipment is essential for knocking down those birdies and eagles: the proper clubs, the right shoes, the right shades and, of course, the perfect golf ball.
Selecting a golf ball before you hit the green may seem a bit extreme; however, it is actually vital to having success on the course. The golf ball is the only piece of equipment that is used on every single shot in every single round. Here are the top three golf balls available that are sure to improve your game by a stroke or two.

Titleist Pro V1 Series Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Series Golf Balls are absolutely the number one golf balls on the market in 2009; no other ball matches them in construction and performance. Titleist Pro V1 Series Golf Balls allow golfers the ability to shoot the lowest scores possible, while giving them optimal performance ability from tee to green. The Titleist Pro V1 Series comes in two models: the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. Both provide exceptional distance and short game scoring performance, which make them by far the top choice for amateur golfers.

Both the Pro V1 and Pro V1x have a new, high-performance urethane elastomer formulation that offers improved cover durability, staggered wave parting lines for consistent ball flight and an A.I.M. (Alignment Integrated Marking) sidestamp, which serves as an integrated guide for improved putting alignment.

The Pro V1 utilizes a three-piece multilayer construction that maximizes distance, durability and performance, while the Pro V1x utilizes a four-piece dual core construction that lowers ball spin and maximizes distance. The Pro V1 has tour-proven coverage with its 392 multidimple design, whereas the Pro V1x only contains a high-coverage 332 multidimple design.

Titleist Pro V1 Series Golf Balls are currently the best out today, and the number one played balls on the worldwide professional tours are also the number performance choice for golfers in general. Both models of Titleist Pro V1 Series Golf Balls are available at in packs of 12 for just $45.95.

Callaway Tour ix Golf Balls

Callaway Tour ix Golf Balls are among the most technologically advanced and longest-driven tour balls ever designed. The engineers at Callaway Golf have reinvented tour golf ball performance, providing a breakthrough in distance with the innovative four-piece inertia technology. Four pieces combined with two cores make one indestructible golf ball.

Callaway Tour ix Golf Balls are a crucial ingredient in producing quality golf outings every single time a golfer hits the links. The thermoset urethane cover provides a superior feel and short-game spin for supreme greenside control, as well as its high-density mantle layer, producing higher ball speeds. One of the most fascinating qualities that the Tour ix has is its Sub-HEX design, which features six deep hexagonal depressions that enable a penetrating, tour-type trajectory.

Similar to the Titleist Pro V1x ball, the Callaway Tour ix also contains a 332 multidimple design pattern, which allows its users to get great distance and accuracy with each drive, shot or putt. The top feature in the Callaway Tour ix Golf Ball might just be its dual-core construction, which enables the use of a softer inner core, producing a better feel, while maintaining the exact distance of a ball with a much firmer feel.

Callaway Tour ix Golf Balls are just $45.95 for a 12-pack and are also available to purchase online at Callaway Golf believes a better game starts with a better golf ball.

Nike One Tour Series Golf Balls

Nike One Tour Series Golf Balls are quality pieces of golfing equipment that play an integral role in dominating the course. Nike One golf balls are designed specifically to meet every demand of the world's most skilled players and are engineered to maximize a golfer's potential through longer distance, superior feel and unmatched consistency.

Nike One Tour Series Golf Balls are available in two models: the Nike One Tour and the Nike One Tour Distance. Both models contain a Power Transfer Layer that maximizes velocity, distance and control throughout the bag. The Tour Distance is constructed with a three-piece seamless and responsive urethane cover that was engineered with the distance game in mind. The Tour Distance's 336 multidimple aerodynamics present premium carry on long drives without compromising amazing green-grabbing control. The Nike One Tour Distance Golf Ball provides golfers with superior length off the tee, resulting in much shorter approaches on the green.

The Nike One Tour Golf Ball is engineered with the complete and perfect game in mind. Its four-piece urethane cover makes it the ultimate tour-level performance golf ball for distance, accuracy, control and feel. The Nike One Tour has a 378 multidimple design that offers superior feel on strokes and long, predictable flight on shots. Together, the Nike One Tour Series Golf Balls are completely tour inspired, have been tour tested and are tour-validated technology, says Nike, and many golfers agree.

Nike One Tour Series Golf Balls are available at as well in 12-packs for only $44.95.


With any one of these three premium choices, a golfer would be making the correct selection when it comes time to tee off. The Titlest Pro V1 Series, Callaway Tour ix, and the Nike One Tour Series are all the crème de la crème of golf balls for today's golfer. Choose one, buy a pack and get ready to sink a few in the cup---hopefully, for eagles and birdies, and maybe even a hole in one.

About The Author

Marc Jenkins has been writing since 2008. His work has appeared in numerous online publications, and he is also co-host of the Double Play Sports Hour, a sports talk radio show on WBCR 1090AM in New York City. He studied English and mass communications at Virginia State University.


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