What Are the Different Ways to Grip a Golf Club?

By Teresa Justine Kelly

There are three different ways to grip a golf club. The way you hold the club will determine the distance, direction and height of the ball. It is important to pick a grip that works for you. Consider the size and strength of your hands as well as the length of your fingers to determine the grip that suits you best.

Baseball or 10-finger Grip

This is a great grip for beginner and junior golfers and golfers with small hands. Place the left hand (for right-handed golfers) at the top of the grip of your club. Place your right hand on the club below your left hand. Align the thumbs of both hands down the shaft of the club.

Vardon or Overlapping Grip

This is the most popular grip used by professional and amateur golfers. Place the grip of the club in your left hand. Rest the small finger of your right hand in the space between your forefinger and the middle finger of your left hand, positioning both thumbs down the shaft of the club.

Interlocking Grip

Many professional golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods use the interlocking grip. Place the grip of the club in your left hand. Now take the little finger of the right hand and interlock it in the space between the forefinger and middle finger of the left hand, making sure both thumbs are aligned down the shaft of the club.

About The Author

Teresa Kelly graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. She was an editor for seven years for several magazines and publishing houses. Kelly is an avid golfer, a well-known children's book and golf author, and is currently the president of Highview Press/Golfing Lady that produces all occasion golf greeting cards.


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